10 Essential Items to Outfit Your Home Gym

The best gym is the one you pass by every day. This means that the home is the most convenient place to work out. Discipline is key when exercising at home since you do not have set hours to train. Incorporating conditioning and strength training whilst working on core stabilization and flexibility is essential. I would highly recommend exercises that use a variety of movements and free weights.

To build a complete home gym, here are some must have equipment to invest in.


While some people may say kettlebells are not important, there are certain kettlebell movements that are unique. Additionally, some movements are more challenging with a kettlebell compared to a dumbbell. Buying a kettlebell would help add a variety to your workout routine. Purchase kettlebells without a painted coating and ones that have big smooth handles.


Dumbbells are a must have in a home gym. The beauty about dumbbells is that you can add different exercises to your routine. Long lasting dumbbells are hex shaped with a black rubber coating. They are comfortable and you can add 3-5 sets to strength train and accommodate different exercises.

Swiss ball

A Swiss ball is perfect for overhead ball squats and hamstring curls.  Knee tucks and sit ups will help work out your core. Incline and decline push-ups will help train your upper body. A Swiss ball is also great for your lower body.

Wearable tech

The 2016 Survey of Fitness trends indicates that wearable technology will be the top trend in the coming years.  From Garmin, Jawbone, Microsoft to Moove, you can now find a gadget that will help track your heart rate, calories burned, sleep patterns and GPS movements. Conversely, you can opt for different applications in the app store if you have a tight budget.

Jump rope

Jumping rope is a fantastic cardio workout.  If you are just starting out, opt for a durable rope and don’t get into so much details. For advanced jumpers, a wire lightweight rope to work on your timing and speed is excellent. A weighted rope works on your strength.

Push up handles

Push handles are ideal as opposed to bench presses. They allow for change in direction and they ease stress on the wrists. Furthermore, these handles provide a quality test for your shoulders, triceps, back and your chest.


A home gym is not complete without a barbell.  Barbells bring stabilization and coordination aspects to your routine workouts. There are cheap bars available, but make sure they are sturdy, Check the diameter of the bar if you have tiny hands.

Pull up bar

Pull up bars provide a variety of gymnastic exercises and not just pull ups.  You can mount a bar on the wall or on a doorway.

Resistance bands

Resistance bands have a basic functionality that provide one with a full body workout.

Yoga mat

Perfect for core movements and stretching, a yoga mat ensures a soft landing when exercising.


Lastly, music is the ultimate must have in any home gym. Music boosts performance and keeps one going.

These are some of the essential items needed in a home gym. A home gym is not only convenient, it also gives you privacy and saves you gym membership fees.