The Best Single Mom In The World

5 Steps To Become The Best Single Mom In The World

Here are five steps to become the best single mom in the world! Let’s face it. You have managed a fantastic learning curve in dealing with everything that goes on in the house. That was a challenge and now you have to be there 24/7 to make sure that your children grow up to be just really nice, balanced adults, the best there are. That is the really difficult part.

1. The best single mom has to be there!

It will be difficult juggling everything but get home assistance if you can afford it so that the house will run more or less smoothly. But being there as a mom means deliberately setting prime time for your children.  You may have to get help with meal planning programs so that you can plan the whole week’s menu in advance. That may mean finishing work earlier but this will pay off handsomely. Being there means:

  1. Turning off your phone before you get to the house
  2. Dedicating time to kids playing sports and helping with homework if you can
  3. Make sure that media does not take over your home
  4. Ensure you have time and space to talk to your kids

2. Don’t be a loner

This means reaching out to seek assistance from other single mom support groups. You are not the only single mom in the world. They may be organized by your local church, community center and so on. It is the best way of sharing problems and getting help and advice when you come up with a difficult situation. Network and share with neighbors and best friends.

3. You cannot replace the father

Let’s face it. Fathers have a natural leader instinct which gives them a head start. A mother cannot replace the father but you do show a gentler side, are prepared to listen to problems and lend a sympathetic ear. That means being ready and able to help when one of your kids has a problem.

4. Best single mom looks after herself

This means taking care of yourself so that you do not look like a wreck. What kid wants to be picked up by a woman looking like a tramp? Think about it! Or who wants an alcoholic wreck as a mother figure?  The challenge is to look your best and feel great. This will help your kids too to face life with gratitude, confidence and good humor.

 5. Twenty-Four / Seven

You have to stick it out and be on call all the time. Yes, this is a tough call because when you forget to do things or slack off in any way, these things are going to come back like a boomerang and hit you really hard.

Don’t worry

You are not alone as the number of single moms raising children in the US is growing steadily. Way back in the 1960s, 92% of homes were run by two parents – now that figure has dropped to about 67%.