Amelia’s Picks is a blog, a website, and a parenting platform all at once. It had fairly humble beginnings, when I first became a mother, I didn’t know much about what I should be doing. Honestly, it was a terrifying experience, back in my day, your only source of parenting tips was going to your own parents and asking them about it.

This lead to the creation of what is today Amelia’s Picks. I didn’t want anyone to have to go through hoops when starting out their parenting journey. It’s hard enough to be a parent even without your mother, father and all of their cousins giving you contradictory advice. This is why I decided to make a website which would ease the weight on young parents’ shoulders and teach them how to take those first steps in the world of parenting.

To do this I’ve separated Amelia’s Picks into multiple categories, and in all of them I’ve written reviews from either personal experience or expert opinion. These hand-crafted reviews are meant to help you decide which products are ideal for you and your baby. In addition to this the website features some articles more inclined towards fashion and beauty.

This is because new mothers often find it difficult to keep up with their appearance straight after having a kid. For this reason Amelia’s picks contains a lot of tips about how to keep up with your looks after childbirth. Most of these come from my own personal experience, because I know how troublesome it can be to do.

The end goal of this website is to provide aspiring, new and old parents alike with a valuable experience, and provide a hub for parenting knowledge from experts all over the world. We aim to help you deal with parenting in the easiest way possible, and still be able to take care of yourself after.

In the future, the website’s content will expand further, recently we added a blog function on it so you can see some more out there topics and tips. Besides this we’ve lately focused on products, with technology dominating most fields today, we cannot avoid its influence on parenting as well. This is why we took it upon ourselves at Amelia’s Picks to separate the gems from the rough and bring you only the best products for you to use, as well as reviews so you can pick the right one for yourself. I hope that Amelia’s Picks will continue to serve as your go-to parenting site and that in the future, we’ll be able to offer you all you need to start your parenting journey off cleanly and smoothly.