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No More ADHD? – The Truth About ADHD Treatment Options

Did you know that many children and adults with ADHD are never, ever given a proper assessment as to what might be the underlying cause? This is because many people never read about ADHD and are at a loss as to where they can begin.

Shocking Revelation

Dr. Mary Anna Block wrote the book ‘No More ADHD. She claims that she has been treating patients without ever using any of the psychostimulant meds that are causing so much angst among parents and the sufferers themselves. That is the bold claim she is making about the treatment.

The Non-Pharmacological Approach

Quite simply, she has gone for the non-medical approach and she makes a proper assessment by concentrating on one or several of the following alternative treatment approaches:-

  • Diet/nutritional deficiencies
  • Learning problems
  • Social environment
  • Home environment
  • School problems
  • Chronic strep
  • Allergies.

 A Facile Approach

Well, the list of possibilities can go and on as there are over 50 childhood conditions which mimic this disorder very well! So,  the truth is there is plenty of room for error.

 What do the Reviews Say?

Main points from the reviews of Dr. Mary ’s book:-

The truth is that parents have given very positive reviews overall.

  • One parent pulled her kids off the stimulant meds and got to work on finding out the real problem which was related to some dietary changes.
  • Another parent told her kids’ teachers to read the book – they were enlightened about the truth of the other treatment options.
  • On parent became convinced that the risky ADHD stimulants are not the answer and found the solution is much more reasonable and safer approaches.
  • Many parents are not prepared to make radical changes in the way they run their homes, in how they discipline their kids and also in how they feed their children. They are also unaware of the options available.
  • Lots of facts from the FDA and DEA which expose the truth about the very poor diagnostic tools we have at our disposal for making an accurate and sensible assessment.
  • Dangers and risks of ADHD meds are well documented and set out clearly. This mother is a doctor herself so she does not play around with the truth.
  • She was practically forced to attend medical school at the age of 39 because of the way her daughter with ADHD was being treated by the medical profession.  The truth was she desperately needed to educate herself on the other approaches.
  • Warnings are given about school staff and other carers who put enormous pressure on parents to go down the ADHD drugs route.

 There are Other Ways

Time to take a hard look at the way the disorder is diagnosed and what other treatment options are available. As Dr. Block so rightly points out, the truth is that there are many different causes and multiple ways of approaching ADHD without resorting to risky medicines. This book is well worth reading.