Angelcare AC300

Angelcare AC300 Baby Movement Monitor Review

Searching for a baby movement monitor should naturally revolve around the goal of finding one that is effective and reliable. Your movement monitor is a very useful tool in the mission to keep your baby safe and keep your mind at ease. You can successfully achieve all of these goals with the Angelcare AC300 baby movement monitor.

A Movement Monitor That Is Built to Last

This monitor is designed to monitor your baby’s movements up to approximately 2 years of age. That gives you years of accurate monitoring without having to get a different unit due to your baby getting a bit bigger.

Angelcare AC300

Once your baby makes their move from crib to bed, you can remove the monitor from under the mattress and put it up for another little one to use.

Once placed in a flat-position, securely under the mattress, the monitor is out of reach of your baby, and should not have to be moved from that point on.

It will continue to monitor your baby’s movements as long as it has fresh batteries.

Several Ways to Keep You in The Know

The AC300 has a sensor pad that you place under the mattress in your baby’s crib and it will closely monitor their movements. The alert process is very simple, if no movement is detected by the sensor after 20 seconds it will sound an audible alarm to get your attention. If you happen to be sleeping when at the time of an alert, it is loud enough to wake you up so you can see about your baby quickly.

You even have the option to turn on the tic feature that will make a sound that lets you know that movement is being currently detected. This serves as a reminder that everything is in working order and gives you that much more peace of mind.

Compatibility That Gives You More

Angelcare designed the AC300 to be compatible with their other baby monitors. This added benefit is useful because it gives you the capacity to add one of their video and/or audio monitors to your movement monitor, and have that much more protection.

Once you have several monitoring options up and running, it can be similar to be in multiple places at the same time. A video monitor gives you a visual perspective that is like being in the same room as your baby. An audio monitor is like being within ear’s reach of them. Having multiple ways to look after your baby is very pleasing.

Battery Operated and Great for Travel

This monitor runs completely off of two AA batteries. This can be very handy when traveling away from home because you don’t need any special cords or adapters, you can just pop in fresh batteries and be done with it. The low-battery light on the nursery unit is such a big help because it starts blinking when you need to change the batteries. It can be so reassuring knowing that your baby monitor is not going to suddenly shut off because the batteries died.

A Helping Hand

As a parent, you simply can’t hold your baby or be right by their side 24 hours a day. The AC300 can help you so much by performing its monitoring tasks while you get rest or go into another room. Any parent understands how good it is to have a little extra help when it comes to childcare, and how many more things that allows them to get done. This gives you some of the necessary freedom you need on a daily basis without worrying about your baby being unattended.

A Monitor That You Can Appreciate

I know how rare it is to come across products that are great for you on a personal level and have a considerable amount of usefulness. The AC300 is capable of providing those benefits, plus more.

Even your naked eye can’t always tell when your baby has completely stopped moving, and that is where the AC300 shines. Because baby movement monitoring is such an important task, it should only be done by a monitor that can perform at a high-level. The good news is that this monitor is one of the best at doing just that.

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