Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double Jogging Stroller Review

As a parent, is there anything better than a stroller? I actually have an answer to this question. How about a stroller that is also a jogger? Yes, this is a product that actually exists and Baby Jogger is responsible for it. Their Summit X3 Double Jogging Stroller fits the above criteria, but outside of the great concept, is it worth your investment? In around a couple of minutes (depending on your reading speed) I will give you your answer.

The Hybrid Design

Clearly, a lot of thought was put into the design of the Summit X3. I am not just talking about how it switches between a jogger and a stroller, but how it accomplishes it. Mounted on the handlebar is an all new remote swivel lock. Here’s how it works. If you want to convert it into a jogger, then you will need to flip the lever to lock the front wheel straight. When wanting to go back to the stroller mode, simply release back to swivel mode (you don’t ever have to touch the front wheel). The stroll you will get from either mode is tremendous thanks in large part to the all-wheel suspension system and hand operated rear drum brakes.

Extreme Comfort

Sure, it’s important for you to be satisfied with the stroller that you purchase. However, I believe it may be even more important for your children to be happy with it. The good news for you is that they should be comfortable on the ride. Each of the seats in the Summit X3 are fully padded and can recline to a near flat position. Also, present is vented seat tops with weather covers to increase the overall airflow to prevent overheating. Speaking of overheating, the UV 50+ sun canopies will offer your child a great deal of protection from the sun. To check in on your child, there is also a peek-a-boo window.

A Good Size

As a whole, the Summit X3 has a great deal of seating capacity and is big enough to accommodate most children. The exact dimensions (for those of you looking for specifics) when the stroller is standing straight-up are 50.75 x 32 x 40 inches (length by width by height). However, I also love how easily it can be folded (just one simple step). Although the width will end up being the same when folded, the length and height are reduced to 33.75 inches and 15.5 inches, respectively. Weight-wise, Baby Jogger recommends a maximum capacity of 100 pounds. Keep in mind, though, that this is a combined weight and not 100 pounds each.

Customized Travel

There are a lot of customization options available for this stroller. You can create your own travel system by pairing the stroller with Baby Jogger’s City GO infant car seat or the Compact Pram. The latter will actually allow you to use two infant seat adapters. The Compact Pram, which is sold separately, is a small bassinet that is designed to hold toddlers of up to six months old. It also includes its own canopy, so you won’t have to worry about that.

The Leg Room and a Warning

I would like to touch on a feature that has its good and its bad. I am going to warn you; this could be a deal breaker for you. Compared to other brands, there is not a ton of leg room for your children when riding. It’s actually very simple, if you have tall children then they will most likely let you know how uncomfortable their legs are. However, there is a great advantage to this reduction of leg room. When going around corners and navigating through tight spaces, it becomes much easier to maneuver.

The last aspect I would like to tell you is that this stroller can be unsafe. If you have your children reclined (due to its top-heavy nature) if you let go of the handlebar there is a risk of it tipping over. Just something to keep in mind.

My Final Thoughts

To be honest, I am not 100 percent sure that you should invest in the Summit X3. It definitely has a fascinating hybrid design and great comfort, but the leg room and tipping risk make it a tough decision. If you don’t think the leg room and tipping are issues, then I do recommend you to invest in this stroller/jogger.