Babysense Petite Baby Movement Monitor

Babysense Petite Baby Movement Monitor Review

If you’re searching for a baby movement monitor that is both versatile and easy to use, then you don’t have to look any further than the Babysense Petite Monitor.

Babysense Petite Baby Movement Monitor

This small Babysense baby movement monitor features a clip design that does its job while avoiding the bulkiness of some other larger monitors.

This monitor can be placed directly on your baby’s diaper or clothing to follow their movement and quickly vibrates if the child has not moved in 15 seconds.

A 3.6V lithium battery, manual, and an instrument to help change the battery is already included in the package.


The compact size of this Babysense device allows your baby to sleep comfortably while wearing it. It is also good for packing up in the baby bag and taking it along with you. This way, you will not need a separate monitor for when you travel. You get to use the one you are already familiar with and save money.

Weighing just one ounce, your child will not have to be bothered by anything too heavy. A lack of wires and cords that can tangle up your child is a big plus as well.

Ease of Use

Everyone wants items that are going to be easy to use, and this device delivers in that mission. Having a straightforward design and set of instructions, you can begin using it in short order. Indicator lights flash on each breath your baby takes. This gives you a constant update on how their breathing is.

Simplicity is a really good quality to have when concerning baby items. The focus should be on the overall performance, instead of having to deal with complicated instructions. You can be happy with the easy functionality of this one. The setup time is insignificant since the batteries are already installed and you can simply turn it on and get started. You do not need to place this monitor in any special place in the crib, or on a flat surface. The baby’s diaper works just fine and is more convenient.

Nice Piece to a Larger Setup

The clip monitor does its job of following the baby’s breathing and can be used alone if you so choose to. You may get the best bang out of it though if you combine it with visual and/or audio monitoring.

When You Need to Know

The alarm feature on this monitor gives you the notice that you need after 20 seconds of inactivity. If the automatic vibration doesn’t get the child moving again, the audible alert will sound for you. You also have the option to adjust the level of movement that will be detected. No dangerous waves are put out by this device and safety seems to be the focal point in its assembly.

You can even adjust your settings to hear a sound with each breath your child takes. This gives you another option to go along with the flashing indicator light.

Preferred Style

While detached monitors are slightly less restrictive than the ones that are placed on the baby, you can get a more accurate reading on their breathing when you use one that is placed on their body. The less you have to check on your child while they are resting, the better it is for your mind and schedule.

With the monitor safely placed on your baby, they can fall asleep on the couch, in their car seat, or another motionless area, and still be protected. Younger babies can also do well with this type of attachment, since they move less, and sleep more than older ones. There may be a reduction in accuracy once your child gets old enough to move around a lot. However, it is well-built for infants.

Get Your Own Rest

Having some assurance and help with your sleeping baby, is a very valuable thing to have indeed. Instead of having to move them closer to where you are, you can actually leave the room and take a nap of your own if you please. Your baby’s movements will continue to be detected and you will be alerted if needed.

You can sit back and relax knowing that every breath your baby takes while sleeping is under observation. Those who have work that needs to be done around the house, or has other kids to look after, will be pleased by the extra assistance that they have with this monitor.

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