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Best Acoustic Guitar Under $200

Are you on the prowl for the best acoustic guitar somewhere in the price range of two hundred bucks or less? Are you looking to get the most guitar bang for your buck?

Well, imagine my surprise and delight when I researched this topic for you and after weeding through many mediocre instruments by less highly regarded guitar companies from Rogue, Hohner, Alvarez, and even the toy guitar maker First Act to more respected companies like Epiphone, Ibanez and Yamaha, I found a terrific acoustic guitar with not only a leading name like Fender, I found it in an all-in package that comes with just about everything you need to get started!

Fender DG-8S Acoustic Guitar - Best Under $200The Fender DG-8S acoustic guitar comes with a bundle of guitar goodies to get you rolling including instructional materials to give you some ideas and get your fingers moving in the right direction, a strap so you can stand and groove while you play and perform, a tuner so you can play, well, in tune – and trust me that is always advised – and some picks and a gig bag for easy carriage.

The Fender Musical Instrument Company name is a storied one in guitar making indeed, from its humble beginnings as the brilliant Leo Fender’s first radio repair shop to one of the leading names in the musical instrument industry with a full line of high end to mid range instruments from basses, electric guitars, Fender Rhodes keyboards and a full line of top shelf amplifiers and accessories.

This fine guitar, then, is a steel string guitar. Steel string acoustics are in line stylistically with rock, rock and roll, pop, country, and jazz and blues musicians, while a nylon string instrument falls more easily into the categories of classical or folk styles. You’ll be able to get a bigger, richer, brighter sound with the steel strings and they can even help make your fingers stronger as they require just a little more pressure to “fret’ or hold down the notes on the fingerboard.

Some of the other features of the DG-8S are it’s full-size dreadnought design. In years past the term dreadnought referred to a type of ship, but in guitar making parlance it refers to a design the C.F. Martin company is credited with creating, in regards to to the square shoulders and bottom of the body of the guitar.

The extra space where a “cutaway” would exist is believed to aid in producing a bigger, warmer sound and create more natural resonance and volume. Acoustic guitars now are dreadnought or cutaway in design. If this is your first instrument I recommend this design, as you most likely won’t need the range the cutaway offers, or sacrifice the better natural sound to get it.

This guitar is also very aesthetically pleasing, with a simple creative design and color scheme. The natural gloss finish covers a spruce top with mahogany sides and back. Rosewood is used on the fingerboard and synthetic Bone is at the bridge and saddle to create a solid instrument that has a light brown, dark brown and black color palette that is at once classic and elegant. Chrome plated tuning pegs sit aside the Fender logo on the headstock of this great and affordable acoustic instrument.

Regarding the instructional materials that come with the Fender DG-8S, rather than a book or a DVD, you get a free download of a newer program called Rock Prodigy which you can use on an IPad.

According to Rock Prodigy’s website, the program features a simple to use interface, shows you to use the “right note at the right time” and lets you customize your lessons while learning popular songs. As an old school guitar teacher, and admitting here I have not tried or seen this learning tool yet, I’m open to anything that will motivate, inspire and help people learn this fine instrument.

I believe programs like this can and do offer a user friendly way to get started and get you going up to a certain point. If you are a beginner, and if you get this guitar and try this software and excel beyond it, you can always look for private lessons with a qualified university trained guitarist to take you to the next level.

So, in closing, the Fender DG-8S guitar pack is a terrific product and an all-in-one one stop shopping type product that you can use to get a guitar, and whether you have any experience or not, start playing right away. You can play just about any style of music on the DG-8S and you can also sleep easy knowing that Fender offers it limited lifetime warranty with this guitar.

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