The Best Angelcare Movement & Sound Monitors

Angelcare has undoubtedly been dominating the baby movement and audio monitor market. There is no beatable brand that offers the best of both monitoring your baby’s movements in the crib and the ability to listen to your baby’s every sound at the same time.

You will have peace of mind while your baby sleeps that Angelcare is monitoring every little move and breath with an easy to use, portable Parent Unit that will sound off an alarm when you go out of range or if your baby stops moving for 20 seconds. The easy to read Parent Unit will clearly display various settings to ensure the safety and well-being of your baby in the crib.

When it comes down to the best of the best movement and audio monitors, AC701, AC605, AC601 and AC403 ranked the highest in features, reliability, ease of use, portability and extended value.

A valuable feature of all Angelcare monitors is that they are multifunctional and will allow you to use the movement only or sound the only feature of the monitoring system, meeting your flexible needs as your baby grows.

Angelcare AC701 – Best Overall Features and Value

Features, reliability, ease of use, portability and extended value were evaluated with all baby movement and audio monitors to find the best monitor for parents and Angelcare AC701 has all the basics covered.

Angelcare AC701Angelcare AC701 has the greatest overall value and features with it’s fully equipped touchscreen, two-way audio feature, and low emission “Eco” setting. Angelcare AC701 includes a state-of-the-art Sensor Pad that goes under the crib’s mattress along with a touchscreen monitor system and a portable Parent Unit.

It has the best innovative features which include minimal digital transmission interference up to 820 feet (open field), however, testing showed that the transmission could reach further than 820 feet and up to 2200 feet. Parents love the two-way talk back feature which allows you to use the rechargeable Parent Unit like a walkie-talkie and talk to your baby while in another area of your home. This unit had the best sound and least amount of interference all thanks to its 1.8GHz digital transmission.

The sound activation feature ensures no outside noise interferes with your interaction with the two-way talkback feature and it goes completely silent when you are not talking or when your baby is not making a sound. This ensures your baby only hears your soothing voice and nothing else. It is also extremely important to keep your baby in an environment that is temperature controlled and you can also rest assure with AC701 that the temperature is just right for your little angel with its temperature display and control.

The AC701 also includes a remote-controlled adjustable nursery night light that parents appreciate because they do not have to enter the nursery and disturb their sleeping baby. The Parent Unit locator is also a great feature of the AC701 so that busy parents who need to put their baby down can easily and quickly find their Parent Unit.

Other features include a low battery indicator audio “Tic” feature that makes a ticking sound to ensure extra security that the monitor is working properly. Parents were tremendously satisfied with AC701 for its many features and value added to ensure that their baby is safe and sound. The AC701 is the most innovative baby sound and movement monitor on the market today.

One of the AC701’s only downsides of being such a secure baby monitor is you must turn off the Parent Unit and the monitor in the baby’s room when your baby is finished napping to ensure a false alarm does not go off. However, false alarms are better than no alarms and it is always better to ensure that their baby is breathing after every alarm goes off, even if it is false.

If you are looking for a reliable, multifunctional baby movement and audio monitor that is as beautiful as its easy to use look no further and use Angelcare AC701. You will not be disappointed and rest easy knowing your angel is safe and secure while using a smart and reliable monitoring system.

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1st Runner-Up: Angelcare AC605

Angelcare AC605The runner-up to the Angelcare AC701 is the AC605 for its great value and reliability. This movement and sound monitor are great for parents that want basic sound monitoring with quality, innovative movement detection.

The Angelcare AC605 comes with an adjustable sensitivity Senor Pad, in-room monitor and two portable, rechargeable Parent Units. Parents love that the sound monitor is extremely reliable and sensitive. Another benefit parents appreciate are the two Parent Units that come with AC605 so that each parent can have peace of mind while in different rooms.

The downside of this unit is if your baby rolls to one side the Sensor Pad will not pick up their movements and an alarm will go off. It’s newer model AC701 may offer better sound, however parents were not disappointed with AC605’s movement adjustable sensitivity monitor.

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2nd Runner-Up: Angelcare AC601

Angelcare AC601AC601 offers parents great value as a basic sound and movement monitoring system. It’s Sensor Pad will detect your baby’s every move to ensure they are safe and sound, with its sound monitoring and easy to use rechargeable Parent Unit.

You can rest easy knowing your baby is sleeping safe and sound with Angelcare AC601. The downfall of this product is the interference some parents experience when using this product.

There are 3 channels parents can choose from for their Parent Unit and it appears that there is some interference with the audio system. Sound quality is an issue with most parents that use AC601 however it is evident that Angelcare continued to not disappoint with its innovative and reliable Sensor Pad.

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3rd Runner-Up: Angelcare AC403

Angelcare AC403Angelcare AC403 is a popular sound and movement monitor for parents. The unit includes a Sensor Pad, full-color digital display portable Parent Unit and an in-room monitor with a gentle glow to guide you through your baby’s nursery.

The AC403 comes equipped with temperature display and control, out-of-range indicator, and audio “Tic” just like the other models. Although this model offers 8 channels, 5 more than its newer model AC601, parents noticed transmission interference and static while using the AC403. Parents also noted the increased amount of false alarms compared to the newer models.

To reduce false alarms, parents should ensure the Senor Pad is installed properly on a hard, flat surface under the baby’s mattress. However, parents loved the trusted, sensitive Senor Pad and the peace of mind when using Angelcare AC403.

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When it comes to innovation, features, and reliability parents love using their Angelcare AC701. It is easy to use touchscreen Parent Unit is unbeatable over its older models. Angelcare is clearly unbeatable in the movement and sound monitor division of baby monitors.

The main issues seem to be sound quality and false alarms, however, once your baby starts rolling around a lot in their crib you can use the monitor for sound only if you’d prefer. When it comes to the best sound and movement baby monitor AC701 is highly recommended, check the reviews at to see what others have to say about it.