The Best Baby Movement Only Monitors

Baby movement monitors are designed to detect irregular interruptions of your baby’s normal activity and to give some type of alert so that you can check on them. The comfort that you can receive from knowing that your baby’s movements are being constantly monitored, even when you are in another room, can be fantastic.

Best Baby Movement Only MonitorWhen stacked up to the best movement-only baby monitors, the Snuza Hero monitor takes the top spot.

The Snuza Hero monitor features a portable clip-on design that connects directly onto your baby’s diaper. You can easily move your child from room to room while they’re wearing this monitor, and not have to worry about it falling off. At a weight of just 0.6 ounces, this monitor will not interfere with your baby’s normal movements.

The Snuza Hero doesn’t use any cords or wire attachments that your baby can get tangled up in. Once it is placed on their diaper, it is basically hassle-free.

The convenient front-display of this monitor features a flashing light component that appears green if your baby’s breathing appears normal, a yellow light will indicate slow breaths, and a red light will appear after a 15 second period of inactivity has passed.

So Many Ways to Help You Out

When you set off on a family trip, this monitor is easily transportable and can be used wherever you go.

Another helpful element of this monitor is just how easy it is to initially set-up. It should actually take you less than 60 seconds to remove it from the box, switch it on, and place it on your baby.

The Snuza Hero is a well-made baby monitor that uses impressive monitoring technology that will automatically vibrate to stimulate your baby’s movement after 15 seconds of inactivity. An audible alert will sound seconds later to get your attention if stimulation alone does not work.

A Whole Lot to Like Yes, But No Such Thing as Perfect

This monitor is better suited for younger babies that will not move all over their cribs, or be able to remove the device by pulling it off.

It may also have some issues with sounding a loud enough alert to hear in larger homes. If you have a lot of interior space and want to leave the room your baby is in, you may actually need a separate audio or video monitoring in order to cover all areas.

The Small Monitor That Beats the Big Boys

The job that baby movement monitors perform is one that is extremely important. This monitor does very with providing the kind of quick response that can make all the difference. The Snuza Hero baby monitor displays a level of accuracy and convenience that sets it apart from the rest.
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Also In the Monitoring Mix

1st Runner-Up: Babysense Clip Movement Monitor

Babysense Clip Movement MonitorThis monitor may be a little heavier than the Snuzu Hero, and not have quite the level of accuracy as the top monitor, but it certainly does a good job on its own account.

You will still get a handy clip-style monitor, stimulation and audible alerts, and a clean-wireless design. The battery is preinstalled, and there are simple instructions for getting it started. It also comes with a useful battery replacement tool for when you finally need to change the battery.

It is important to place this monitor correctly on your baby in order to decrease the chances of a false alarm. You will also want to use it in a spot where your baby will be pretty still, like in their crib instead of a swing.

Not a bad baby movement monitor by any means, the Babysense Clip Monitor can certainly do what you expect it to.

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2nd Runner-Up: Snuza Portable Movement Monitor

Snuza Portable Movement MonitorYou will also get much of what the two previous entries provide you within this monitor. Lightweight, portability, and timed stimulation and alerts that will tell you if anything is irregular while using this device.

This monitor may give you more false alarms than the other clip-on monitors here. It may also be a little less likely to accurately monitor breathing as precisely as it does with other movements. You may also need to make sure it is on the baby firmly since it may come loose and give false alarms.

It is a very good travel choice though and has a long battery life. You can also take care of the fact that this monitor is not made with lead, and it also has a colorful design that your baby may really like.

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3rd Runner-Up: Angelcare Movement Monitor

Angelcare Movement MonitorThis monitor is the only one in the group that uses sensor pads that go under your baby’s mattress, instead of placing it on their diaper.

It is a 20-second wait before an alert goes off with this monitor, and you change the settings to make it more or less sensitive to movements.

You may need more time to set this monitor up in the crib properly, and it will not work the same with every type of mattress. It may also become far less accurate if you have two babies in the same crib.

This monitor does provide a good time-range of usefulness. It can accurately track the movements of toddlers up to two years of age.

It only takes a couple of AA batteries to use this monitor. You will have less battery life with this device, but it will be a lot easier to find the right batteries, without needing to order more.

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Not All Baby Movement Monitors Are Created Equal

The type of movement monitor that is just right for you will depend on your individual needs, and your baby’s age. Their wellbeing and yours alike can be enhanced when their breathing is being accurately tracked this device.

While most movement monitors have their own levels of capability, with its straightforward design, ability to effectively track breathing patterns, and versatility, the Snuza Hero is a very worthy baby movement monitor.

The amount of sleep that you can successfully get, can also be increased with a movement monitor close to your baby. When you need a dependable baby movement monitor that will do the job that you need to it do, effectively, the Snuza Hero monitor can deliver.

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