Best Blow Dryers for Natural Hair

As humans with heads full of hair, it is a given that the vast majority of people will find themselves needing to dry their hair at some point in their life. The most common way of drying your hair after a shower or swim, whatever it may be, is by using a towel. But the truth is, the most efficient and effective way to dry your hair when wet is by using a high-quality blow dryer, especially if you are looking to keep your hair natural as long as possible! A common downfall associated with lower quality hair dryers is that the scale of heat damage they cause can prove irreversible, resulting in damaged hair for the rest of your life. This emphasises the importance of researching which machines are the best quality, not necessarily the most expensive, dryers as it can ultimately prove to be beneficial to you and your hair in the long run.

Typically, the main features of a high quality and dependable blow dryer are;

  • New/advanced technology

The ‘newer’ blow dryers tend to be designed by experts and created using the newest and most advanced technology, resulting in a machine that performs at highest level consistently.

  • Adjustable heat settings

A high-quality machine must have the luxury of being able to adjust the heat setting from cold all the way to hot when necessary.

  • Replaceable accessories/attachments

Half working or broken blow dryer utensils can contribute to damaged hair, so making sure the accompaniments of the blow dryer are dependable or can be replaced is important.

Below are the top blow dryers on offer today, along with the different benefits and features of each;

#1 BIO IONIC 10x Ultra-light Speed Dryer

The Bio Iconic Ultra-Light Speed Dryer that is part of the Luxe Pro Collection, is the pinnacle of blow dryers available today. If you have some extra funds or are willing to invest a substantial amount in a high-quality product, then this machine is well worth the investment – but is by no means cheap as it is listed as one of the highest quality models available on the market today. So, now that the hefty price tag is out of the way here’s a look at some of the pros associated with this product;

  • Your typical ‘cheap’ blow dryer has the capacity to last between one and two years, this model guarantees that the motor will last as long as 10 years – that’s a lot of hair drying!
  • Along with this long-lasting guarantee, it dries hair as fast if not faster than any other product available to purchase today. The powerful 1800 watt motor provides for super-fast hair drying, while also accommodating for tougher hair types e.g African-American hair.
  • This is a lightweight machine sitting at an outstanding 1.1lbs, which won’t have your arms and shoulders aching in pain half way through drying your hair – a common negative associated with older or cheaper blow dryer models.
  • It has several heat settings on the handle which allows for a smoother drying experience, accommodating for more sensitive fine or soft hair.

Now for the cons associated with the machine;

  • The most noticeable negative associated with this product is its price, unless you are willing to invest a considerable amount on a blow dryer this product would not be suitable for you.
  • The product comes with limited accessories, accompanying the blow dryer in the box is only a speed dry nozzle.
  • Lastly a word of warning, when using the dryer for long periods it can get quite hot.

If you’re looking to invest in a long lasting and high quality machine, this product is ideal for you. It will save you having to buy a dryer every year or two, and could turn out cheaper in the long run.

#2 Parlux 385 Powerlight Professional Ionic and Ceramic Hair Dryer

This energy efficient machine is created using recyclable materials which means it does not product any harmful emissions when active. The product is fitted with a powerful motor and a built-in silencing feature which provides for a quiet hair drying experience. The product is light and compact which makes it easy to transport and store. Most importantly, the Ionic technology helps to dry hair quickly while reducing the heat damage caused. Here’s a list of the key features and benefits associated with the product;

  • The product has a 2150 watt motor which provides for a super-fast hair drying experience.
  • It comes with two concentrator styling nozzles.
  • The hair dryer is smaller than other high-quality machines on the market.
  • It has a built-in silencer.
  • The machine is Ozone friendly and produces no harmful emissions.
  • Cheaper than more sophisticated models on the market.

#3 Elchim 2001 Professional hair dryer

This is one of the top blow dryer models available from Elchim. This dryer can apply a pressure power of 1700 – 2000 watts, which provides for a really powerful air blast. This classic Italian Model blow dryer provides the perfect balance between heat, pressure and airflow, resulting in a truly unique hair drying experience. These airflow and heat features allow the machine to dry hair faster and more effectively than many other models on the market today. The products box will include a high precision nozzle for brushing and styling hair. If you’re looking for a lightweight machine, this certainly isn’t the right option for you as it weighs substantially more than the other dryers listed above, sitting at 2.6lbs.

#4 Panasonic EH-NA65-K Nanoe Hair dryer

This most recent blow dryer released by Panasonic comes with several unique features. The Nanoe Technology associated with the product makes it suitable for all types of hair, including the finest natural hair. You might not associate Panasonic with hair dryers very often but this machine is quite the catch. Some key features are;

  • A powerful motor working at 1875 watts.
  • Three different heat settings, including a cool shot button.
  • Two different speed settings.
  • A concentrating nozzle to focus on specific areas of your hair.
  • A quick dry nozzle for times when you are in a rush and are looking to dry your hair quickly.

If you’re willing to spend a considerable amount on the highest quality blow dryer available, then it is recommended that you purchase the Bio Iconic Ultra-speed dryer – it won’t disappoint and will last a lot longer than any other machine you purchase. If your budget is restricted to a lower amount, then considering the Parlux 385 Powerlight blow drying machine would be the right choice for you. This is a quality machine and will more than satisfy your hair drying needs.