Best Compact Hair Dryers

Are you looking for a small, compact hair dryer that has the advantages of a full size model?  If so, these hair dryers are exactly what you are looking for.  Perfect for travel and limited space storage, these compact blow dryers do not give up features to be smaller.  Instead, some of these models offer more functionality than some full size brands.  So don’t sacrifice features and performance in order to get compact hair dryer.  With these models, you don’t have to.

The Best Compact Hair Dryer

Offering the best features and functionality among compact blow dryers is Revlon’s Travel Speed Styler.  This Little hair dryer is loaded with top of the line features, all with the convenience of being in one small blow dryer.


  • The Travel Speed Styler has dual voltage settings that allow you to take this hair dryer all around the world and still get full use of it.
  • This hair dryer uses tourmaline ceramic technology.
  • You can change between 2 heat and fan speed settings, and enjoy the cold shot button.
  • The folding handle allows you to store or pack this hair dryer more efficiently.
  • Cleaning this model is made easy with a removable exhaust cover.
  • It’s light weight allows you to use this hair dryer without straining your arms.
  • The Ion technology leaves your hair with no frizz or static.
  • Even though this is a travel size hair dryer, it still comes with 2 attachments.

Why is Revlon’s Travel Speed Styler the Best Compact Hair Dryer?

  • The ability to fold the handle in on this already smaller hair dryer is really convenient. With the Travel Speed Styler you can get rid of your standard size (bulky) hair dryer and instead take up a fraction of the space with this one.  Keeping your larger hair dryer for home and this one for travel is also an easy option because again, it takes up little space.
  • The dual voltage makes this blow dryer very versatile. This model can take the worry out of travel, because you can trust that it will work wherever you go.
  • Many travel size hair dryers do not have attachments, but this one has two!  You get a diffuser and a concentrator tip!
  • Equipped with technology, this hair dryer will leave your hair silky smooth and healthy.
  • You can use this hair dryer as long as you need to without exhausting your arms since it is so light.
  • Cleaning out the air filter is not a hassle with the removable cap.

What Could Make Revlon’s Model Even Better?

Although this is an excellent hair dryer, there are still some things that could be better.

  • This compact hair dryer is powerful, but loud. If Revlon could make it a little more quiet that would be great.
  • More heating and fan control settings would be a nice addition to this model.

The Next Best Thing

The BaByliss PRO Travel Dryer comes in a close second to Revlon’s Travel Speed Styler.  BaByliss has made a name for themselves in the hair industry and their travel dryer does not let them down. This small hair dryer is powerful and full of useful features.

The Good

  • BaByliss’ Travel Dryer has a handle that can be folded and locked into place for more compact storage.
  • You can take this hair dryer anywhere and expect full functionality since it has dual voltage capabilities, a concentrator tip, and a lightweight design.
  • Ion and Ceramic technologies coupled with Infrared methods leave your hair healthy, smooth, and frizz free. These technologies also ensure that your hair gets dried quickly.
  • The air filter is easy to clean.

The Bad

  • There is no diffuser with this model.
  • The cord could be longer.

Coming in Third

The Jinri Jr takes third place in the competition to be the best compact hair dryer.  Though it is behind two other contenders, this little hair dryer was made to impress.

The Good

  • This hair dryer has 2 optional heat settings, 2 fan speed options, and the cool shot button for your styling needs.
  • You receive a concentrator tip with this model.
  • This hair dryer weighs only 12 ounces.
  • Using technology, this hair dryer will dry your hair fast and leave it feeling soft ans smooth.
  • There is a convenient hanging ring for more storage options.

The Bad

  • This hair dryer does not have dual voltage options.
  • You can not clean this model as easily as others.
  • The handle is fixed in place and cannot be folded.


Conair’s Travel Smart hair dryer still makes the cut for the top 4 compact hair dryers.  This little blow dryer is sleek and functional.

The Good

  • This hair dryer can be used world wide with its dual voltage options.
  • You can fold the handle to make this hair dryer easier to store.
  • The Travel Smart has a decent length of cord for a travel dryer.
  • This hair dryer has a narrow tipped nozzle for more effective drying.
  • The handle of this blow dryer is designed for comfort and a good grip.
  • This model is not as loud as many travel size, as well as, standard size hair dryers.

The Bad

  • There are limited heating and fan speed settings.
  • You cannot change the tip at all.
  • This hair dryer does not offer an easy way to clean the air filter.
  • There is no cold shot button on this hair dryer.

In the End

Finding a good compact hair dryer that will actually perform is tough with all of the options that are available.  Luckily all of these hair dryers are ready to perform for you.  But if you are looking a small hair dryer that you can take world wide, Revlon’s Travel Speed Styler gives you the most functionality.  If you have any experience or information you would like to share with us, please do.