Best Dual Voltage Hair Dryer

Kadori’s professional travel blow dryer is the best dual voltage hair dryer in its class.

Thanks to Kadori and their professional travel hair dryer, you no longer have to use a lower quality blow dryer in order to travel. With this model, you can take many of the advantages of your standard hair dryer with you wherever you choose to go. Although this is considered a compact and portable hair dryer, that does not mean that it lacks quality.


  • The Kadori provides the option to run on 110 volts or 240 volts making it a universal hair dryer that you can use around the world.
  • Equipped with a folding handle, this blow dryer can easily be packed into your luggage or stored without taking up too much space.
  • The tourmaline ceramic components in this hair dryer allow for more efficient drying with less damaging effects.
  • Negative ions produced by the air flow through the tourmaline ceramic parts, encourage hair health and help to seal in natural moisture.
  • Styling your hair is made easy with the two heat and fan settings that allow you to control drying speed and air flow.
  • The lightweight frame and lengthy cord make this hair dryer easy to use.
  • The Kadori is much quieter than most travel or compact blow dryers.
  • This dryer comes with a concentrator nozzle for added control.
  • Visually, it looks much nicer than a lot of portable hair dryers.

Why Choose Kadori?

You can take this thing anywhere and not have to worry about whether or not it will work when you get to your destination. Nothing else is needed, no bulky adapters, no converters, nothing!

Choosing Kadori’s portable hair dryer means not sacrificing your styling options, or hair health just because you are on the go. This blow dryer offers a lot of the latest technologies in one versatile hair appliance. Do not go back in time with hair dryers that are offering ancient drying methods just because they are portable. Kadori has what you need with current methods.

Having this hair dryer is also quite nice if you have a small bathroom, or little to no vanity space. Since it is easily folded and stored in small places, and takes up less space than a traditional hair dryer. And with its hanging clip built right onto the end of the handle, there is also the option to fold it up and hang it for better storage. With a smooth design, this hair dryer does not look like a tacky travel dryer. In fact, it looks nicer than many standard hair dryers.

Room for Improvements

Although the Kadori blow dryer offers many great features, it still has some room to improve.

  • One downfall is that there is no cool down button on this hair dryer which is kind of a bummer.
  • It would also be nice if there was a way to remove the filter cap on the end. Since you cannot remove it you cannot clean the filter.
  • And for those of us who like more options, having more heat settings and fan speed settings would be a plus.

Other Dual Voltage Hair Dryers

In second place to the Kadori, the X5 Superlite is also a great travel hair dryer.

The Good

  • The Superlite is, you guessed it, super light!  Seriously, it is only one pound.
  • This model comes with a diffuser attachment, as well as a concentrator tip.
  • With voltage settings you can use this hair dryer worldwide.
  • Using ceramic and ion technologies, the Superlite will dry your hair quickly.
  • The folding handle allows for easier storage and portability.

The Bad

  • This hair dryer has no cold shot button.
  • The limited heat and fan settings can make it harder to achieve your desired style.
  • If you need to run this hair dryer for a longer period of time, the air flow barrel will start to get hot.

Next in Line

Coming in third place is Conair’s 1875 watt foldable hair dryer.

The Good

  • This blow dryer has dual voltage capabilities for use around the world.
  • The small design is made even better by allowing the handle to fold up for compact storage and easy travel.
  • Ion technology helps this Conair hair dryer keep hair healthier.
  • In addition to some heat and fan settings, this blow dryer has the cool down button.

The Bad

  • This hair dryer has no alternative tips or a diffuser.
  • Though it does offer some, it could still use more settings.
  • Settings may be even more limited when using different voltages in some countries.

Coming in Last

Although Andis Micro Turbo Hair Dryer comes in last, does not mean you should not consider it as a contender.

The Good

  • Dual voltage settings allows you to use this hair dryer world wide.
  • This model runs quietly compared to other small travel hair dryers.
  • The small design is easy to store and take with you while traveling.
  • Conair’s 1875 watt hair dryer is lightweight and has a easy to hold handle.

The Bad

  • You cannot fold the handle, so it keeps the standard L-shape when storing.
  • This model has limited settings.
  • You cannot use a concentrator or a diffuser with this hair dryer.
  • This blow dryer uses less technology than the other models.

If you are looking for the best dual voltage hair dryer…

Then the Kadori is the best choice if you are wanting more features and professional quality.  When looking, make sure you think about what features matter the most to you.  Then look into your options and make a decision that makes the most sense for your wants and needs. Kadori’s model is the best for those who want a salon quality hair dryer that they can travel with. Let us know any opinions you may have about these hair dryers. Also feel free to share experiences you have had with these hair dryers.