Best Epilator For Face Cleansing – Braun Silk-epil 7 7569 Epilator

Braun’s Close Grip Technology ensures thorough hair removal and high performance satisfaction.

This Braun epilator includes an automatic facial cleansing brush that cleans six times better than a manual brush. It is also designed for wet or dry use to make the hair removal experience effortless and convenient.

The forty tweezers come equipped with Close Grip Technology to remove hair as fine as a grain of sand to provide smoother skin for up to four weeks. The epilator is cordless to allow for convenience of use anywhere and on the go.

Overall, this is a great product based on the ease of use, and the facial cleaning feature that other products don’t offer.

Convenience at it’s Best

The Braun Model 7569 Epilator is the perfect entire body hair removal system choice. This product features a facial cleansing brush that provides smooth and radiant skin.  The option to use this product in the shower allows for a gentler hair removing experience with repeated use and the tweezers provide a closer removal than other products for up to four weeks. The pivoting head and design of this product adapt to the contours of your body for easier skin contact and gentler performance. The high frequency massaging system stimulates hair to stand up for that closer finish you desire.

Best Features for a Virtually Painless Experience

The secret to epilating is regular use. This epilator is designed to lessen the pain each time it’s used. The featured attachments that come with this product include a shaver head plus trimming cap, efficiency cap, among a few other caps that make this epilator more comfortable to use. Also included is the facial cleansing brush that removes impurities manual cleaning can’t. The micro-oscillations exfoliate your skin to provide that better, deeper clean. Other features for this product include the charging station, product cleaning brush to optimize clean hygienic usage, and convenient store-all pouch. Each item included is guaranteed to make your epilating experience more comfortable than ever.

Close-Grip Technology

This product is designed with Close Grip Technology that gives an overall top performance. This product boasts forty tweezers that provide superior performance for the closest hair removal possible. Braun prides this product on it’s ability to remove hair as short as 0.5 millimeters for maximum efficiency and satisfaction. The two speed settings adapt to varying skin types to allow for extra thorough hair removal. This also includes their high frequency massaging system to make the overall experience effortless and easy. With this technology, the 7569 Silk-epil is high rated for it’s performance for entire body hair removal coverage.


Runner Up – Braun Silk-epil 7 7-929 Skinspa

This Braun epilator is yet another great full body hair removal system. While it is an epilator, it also includes a facial cleansing brush with 10,000 fine bristles that gently stimulate skin regeneration while sweeping away dead cells. This product is cordless and allows for in-bath or shower usage for a soothing hair removal experience. The Skinspa features an easily guiding light for visualization of the finest hairs for no-miss removal. With it’s high end performance, exfoliation features, and attention to details of this product, there is no doubt that the Braun Silk-epil 7 Skinspa is a perfect choice.

Second Runner Up – Epilady Legend and Facial Epilator

Since 1986, Epilady revolutionized the hair removal market by offering the first ever epilator. Since then, their brand has been synonymous with high-end, efficient and superior quality hair removal. The Epilady Legend and Facial Epilator is their strongest and fastest epilator that removes even the shortest hairs from their roots. This product is safe and delicate on sensitive skin, easy to operate, and designed for facial hair. Their forty tweezer disc design allows for 32,000 tweezes per minute with two varying operating speeds. But really, would you expect anything less from the company who started it all in the world of epilating?

Third Runner Up – Braun Facial Epilator and Cleansing System

This all new epilator from Braun features high frequency plucking power complete with 200 movements per second for total unwanted facial hair removal. The 10 Micro-Openings capture fine hairs as short as 0.5 millimeters allowing for long lasting, efficient, and superior hair removal. It is 100% waterproof and cordless making it a great option based on quality and convenience. The facial brush removes oil, and impurities, and features bidirectional switching capabilities to offer high performance for both sides of your face. Braun’s high performance and quality products are sure to satisfy anyone looking for a facial epilator.