Best Epilator For Your Face in 2020

There is a wide range of high quality epilators in the market that provide top quality performance. It’s hard to determine what the single best epilator is, however, we have created a comprehensible list that gives you a great start in searching for the product that is right for you based on their unique qualities, and features.

Best Epilator for the Money – Philips HP6576 Satin Perfect Deluxe Epilator

Philips is a trusted company that provides high performance quality brand products to simplify everyday life. With its hypoallergenic, textured ceramic discs, this epilator provides a gentle yet effective epilating experience.

Included shaving, trimming, and styling attachments impart the closest results for the smooth skin you are looking for. It provides an active massaging system that prevents missing fine and hard to reach hair while stimulating and soothing.

The built-in opti-light allows you to view the finest hairs to make hair removal effortless. This ergonomic and gentle epilator will make waxing and traditional shaving a thing of the past once you use the Philips Perfect deluxe epilator.

Best Epilator For Face Cleansing – Braun Silk-epil 7 7569 Epilator

This Braun epilator is designed to make your hair removal experience effortless and convenient.

With forty tweezers inside the epilating head, it removes hair as fine as a grain of sand with innovative Close Grip Technology.

This epilator is designed to be used either wet or dry and is cordless to provide up to forty minutes of epilation on a single charge to provide efficient and effective hair removal.

Overall, Braun makes quality products that are fiercely competitive in the skin care industry, and this one is no different. It stands up to the competition with precise design and efficiency.

Best Epilator for Legs – Emjoi AP-18 Emagine Epilator

Emjoi is committed to providing quality personal care products for in-home use that is effortless and pleasurable. They harness the latest technology to make personal grooming innovative and streamlined. The Emagine Epilator removes hair quickly and comfortably utilizing Glide Technology while being the first to feature antimicrobial Silver Ion Technology. The staggered epilating heads upgrade increases reachability to the most difficult and finest hairs. The innovative technology that the Emjoi AP-18 Emagine allows you to enjoy up to six weeks hair free while leaving your skin noticeably soft and smooth. This product also includes middle lifting fingers that lift flat, short hair other competitor brands just can’t match.

Best Epilator for Under Arms – Braun Silk-épil 9 9-521 Epilator

With MicroGrip Tweezer Technology, the Braun Silk-epil 9 utilizes precise innovation to remove more hair in one easy pass. The wet and dry cordless feature also has 40% wider epilating capability that provides quicker removal and reveals smoothness for up to four weeks.

Pulsating vibrations create a gentle sensation that makes your epilating experience better. The Smartlight feature efficiently reveals hard to see hairs to give you total and satisfactory removal. The pivoting head follows your body’s natural contour with ease and precision. Overall, The Braun Silk-epil 9 is absolutely a remarkable choice for sensitive hair removal that gives tremendous results.

Best Wet and Dry Epilator – Braun Silk-épil 9 9-941e Epilator

Braun makes a wide array of epilators that would fit any woman’s needs. The Silk-epil 9 is the latest and most precise epilator that removes more hair in a single stroke easily. With it’s 40% wider epilating head, and sonic exfoliation technology this epilator delivers an impressive performance with more than 3000 micro-vibrations per minute designed specifically for underarms, face and bikini areas. The blue and mauve body exfoliating brushes provide complete body exfoliation that gently refines and reveals beautiful skin for smooth radiance. These brushes are also designed to reduce the possibility of ingrown hairs. With regular use, the Silk-epil 9-941e is virtually painless and comfortable to use.

Best Affordable Epilator – Panasonic ES-ED90-P Epilator

Panasonic prides their entire brand with complete commitment to providing an evolutionary contribution in moving the world forward with refined technology. The Panasonic ES-ED90-P is a high quality epilator that includes interchangeable razor and epilating heads. It come with six snap-on hair remover and pedicure buffering attachments that give complete body grooming satisfaction. The hypoallergenic Shaver head blades and foil conform to individual and unique contours of your body making it an ideal epilator for all skin types.  The pop-up trimmer assists in removing stray, and long hairs to maintain your bikini area comfortably and easily.

Information to Consider When Purchasing an Epilator

Comfortability: Epilating is not a completely painless experience. However, there are models that tailor to comfort and ease of use over time that allows epilating to become a preferable method of hair removal over waxing and shaving. Some models are designed for beginners and others are designed for women who’s pain tolerance is greater. When searching for an epilator that is right for you, look for the ones that cater to ease of comfort over time.

Attachments: Depending on what you are looking for in an epilator, you may need differing features in the product that you buy. Most epilators are now equipped with cord and cordless functions that provide convenience for on the go. Different caps provide various results that may or may not be suitable for your preference, but luckily, there is a variety large enough to find one that will suit you.

Technology: No matter what epilator you are researching, innovative technology is the driving force behind designing each epilator to be unique and deliver precise hair removal capability. Some come with antimicrobial technology that provides the ultimate and optimal hygiene. Others come with massaging capability that soothes irritation. Regardless of the product you buy, innovative technology is another important key in searching for the most comfortable and efficient hair removal experience for at home care.

Information on the Variety of Brands

Braun is a household name and top competitor in the health, wellness, and personal care industries. A manufacturer of common everyday household and beauty products, this company is a leader in functionality and modern design. This company is known for creating reputable and trusted products that bring modern life conveniences to life.

Panasonic identifies themselves as revolutionary, and are committed to providing value and striving for exceeding expectations. They incorporate creativity and ingenuity into every design of their products. Through continual research and development, this company aims to bring new technology into every detail of your health and beauty needs.

Epilady introduced the first ever epilator to the world in 1986. Since then, they have been a mogul in the personal care industry for hair removal and their name has been synonymous with superior quality. For thirty years, Epilady has maintained an unmatchable reputation for being revolutionary, innovative, and a specialized industry leader in hair removal.

Emjoi is an innovative manufacturer of beauty care, wellness, and hygienic products. With ergonomic design in mind, their products are top notch in at-home personal care usage. This company is known for the salon quality at an affordable price. The continual research they place into making their products can’t be ignored, making them a high quality competitor.

Philips is a brand that is recognized immediately throughout the world for innovation. They strive to maintain their long-standing commitment to providing products that improve daily life for everyone. Their products are long lasting, trusted, and built on unmatched technology.

Final Thoughts

After reading through these reviews, we hope that you have gained a knowledgeable understanding of the various advanced features and highly recommended epilators based on the selected categories. Knowing what to look for in selecting the right epilator for you can be time consuming and difficult but we are hopeful that you can now make a selective determination in choosing the perfect epilator for you.