Eyelash Extension Kits

Best Eyelash Extension Kits for Women

Professional eyelash extension kits used to be crazy expensive but when I look up the prices nowadays it’s quite affordable. Many sets are priced below fifty dollars so let’s take a look at a few of them.

Fabu Eyelash Extensions

Fabu Eyelash ExtensionsThis is the most dominant brand on Amazon at the time of writing. They are only 0.10mm thick and come in different sizes ranging from 8-16mm. It’s made from hypoallergenic materials and silk so that it won’t irritate your eyes. The reviews aren’t particularly bad for such an affordable product so if you are on a budget I definitely recommend checking out this extension kit.
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Lash Eyelash Extension Kit

Lash Eyelash Extension KitThis is a complete kit that literally includes everything you will need for a beautiful set of eyelashes that stun everyone around you. It even includes a mannequin head that you can use to prepare your eyelashes if you are less experienced on this front. On the back of the head, there’s a hole so that you can attach it to the mannequin holder or clamp.

It also comes with four different types of tweezers which makes it easy to apply, and with two large sets of eyelashes, there is plenty of room to practice. Other things that are included are isolation paper, 100 pieces of Mascara wands, 100 glue rings, eyelash glue, and glue remover, 15mm eyelashes, 5 pieces of eyelash tape, 10 self-adhesive practice lashes, and air blower, 10 under eye patches pads, a silicone forehead sticker, and one eyelash application wand. In other words, everything you will ever need.

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Starter Lash Artist Kit

Starter Lash Artist KitAnother kit that includes everything you need is the artist kit from Lash, although it doesn’t come with a mannequin to practice on this one is clearly for the more experienced eyelash applicator.

I could obviously describe every item that comes with the package but you can read that information yourself at Amazon.com so click on the link below to learn more about this kit. It’s a rather new product that few people have bought so there aren’t a whole lot of reviews while I’m writing this post but it definitely looks promising.

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Chengyida Eyelash Kit

Chengyida Eyelash KitThere are not an awful lot of eyelash extension kits available on Amazon so this is the last one we are going to discuss in this post. Most people that get eyelashes either get them at their local beauty shop or order things separately like the tweezers or the eyelashes or the glue and so forth.

For people just starting out, Ghengyida compiled a great set with a mannequin head included for you to practice on. As you can see on the picture above it literally includes everything that you might need to become a skilled fake eyelash professional so if you could use some practice just go ahead and get yourself this set.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Now that I’ve shown you some popular kits that you can practice with there are some questions that remain and I will try to address them below. If you have a question yourself you can leave it in the comments below and I will check for new comments once a week and update this post.

Do you have to be certified to apply eyelashes?

There are training programs that require you to provide proof of a cosmetologist or esthetician license when applying for the course but if you do it yourself at home there is obviously no need to be certified, millions of women practice this on a daily base and some are obviously more successful than others but if you are careful enough you won’t hurt yourself. Just watch out with the glue, you can better apply to little than too much.

What type of glue do eyelash salons use?

The most popular one is the glue adhesive from Blink Ultra Plus, mainly because it has a strong bonding period of 5-6 weeks. Ha, and you thought fake eyelashes were only good for a night out right? Well, not really if you have it done by the professionals.

Can you wear eyeliner with eyelash extensions?

This isn’t recommended, most smudge proof and budge-proof eyeliners are bad news for extensions and that includes water-resistant or waterproof liquid liner so as a general rule of thumb. No, don’t use any eyeliner at all. If you have to then there are specific products that do go well with fake eyelashes but I recommend you do some Googling to find out what those are.

How long do fake eyelashes last?

This really depends on the quality and who applies them. If you have it done by a professional it can easily last for multiple days. Remember that I told you about the Ultra+ glue that lasts for 5-6 weeks, well if you take your eyelashes out each night and put them back on the next morning it can easily last a month without the risk of lashes falling out.

Summing It Up

Although this is quite a different topic than I usually blog about, parenting, baby products, and sewing I’m giving fashion & beauty a shot with at least once a week a new article to inform you about the latest products or trends in this industry. I hope you like it and come back for more.