Best Lightweight Jogging Strollers

The Zoe XL1 Xtra Lightweight stroller is perfect for travel and for big city use. Even though this stroller has an aluminum frame for long-lasting stability, it’s also unbelievably lightweight, weighing in at just 9 lbs. With the stroller being so lightweight, it makes jogging easy. There’s no doubt that as a mom, you’re going to want to get back into your exercise routine once you have your child, and now you can easily dedicate some time to running and not have to worry about finding a babysitter.

Features of Zoe XL1

Weighing less than 10 lbs., the Zoe XL1 stroller makes it easy to not only go for jogs, but also to maneuver than other strollers. Equipped with a child cup holder and a snack cup, your child will be able to store his or her drinks and snacks. It doesn’t stop there though; there is a parent cup holder as well to keep you hydrated for when you go for your jogs or walks with your little tyke. In addition to cup and snack holders, there is a large, expandable sunshade canopy that will protect your little one’s eyes from the sun. Have you ever gone for a walk and didn’t know where to put your keys or cell phone and it felt awkward to carry it the whole time? The Zoe XLI has a storage pocket to fit both in there.

Durability to Last for Years

With an aluminum frame, this lightweight jogging stroller has the potential to last for years. With a deep 135-degree reclining seat, this stroller can meet your needs. Your child will be able to fit in this stroller until he or she is up to 50 lbs., which means you will likely never need another stroller, making this a wise investment. While you are jogging, you don’t have to worry about your child’s safety as they will be hooked into a 5-point harness, just as if they were in their car seat. Bring some toys or other necessities to have on hand for your child with the convenient large storage basket.

So, Why Is The Zoe XL1 The Best Lightweight Jogging Stroller?

The Zoe XL1 is the best option when you are looking for a lightweight jogging stroller. With all the features, this stroller allows for wise and low investment. Although it’s highly likely you won’t fully enjoy this stroller, there is a lifetime warranty and guarantee on the stroller. The warranty and guarantee is also ideal if you happen to notice one of the wheels on the stroller break; the company will personally either fix or replace the wheels for you.


Graco Fast Action Click Connect Stroller

The 2015 Graco Fast Action Click Connect jogging stroller is compatible with all Graco Click Connect infant car seats, with just a secure one-step attachment. This stroller has the performance and the ability to maneuver, making it a perfect choice for an all-terrain jogging stroller.


With the stroller being just 30 pounds without the car seat, jogging and pushing the stroller at the same time is easy. This stroller is highly recommended for an on-the-go mom. There is a holder to hold a diaper bag so you can store your necessities.


There aren’t many cons about the Graco Fast Action Click Connect Stroller. Some assembly is required upon purchase, which is a con for some people. However, with easy-to-read instructions and minimum tools needed, assembly is a breeze. Additionally, there have been some reviews about the holder on the storage not holding the newest iPhones, but with that small con, the benefits outweigh it.

Baby Trend Expedition Jogging Stroller

This Baby Trend Expedition Jogging Stroller has a front swivel wheel and large bicycle tires that makes it easy to maneuver and to unlock the stroller. This stroller is compatible with all Baby Trend Flex-Loc or Inertia Infant car seats.


With two cup holders, a parent tray and child tray, and two cup holders, this stroller makes the perfect travel system for long walks or runs. The stroller is customizable with its multi-positioning reclining padded seat, adjustable canopy, and 5-point harness. Equipped with the stroller is a large basket to store items, such as a diaper bag for easy reach.


According to some reviews of this Baby Trend jogging stroller, the stroller can shake and wobble quite a bit unless you lock the front wheel. Fortunately, all you have to do is lock that wheel and the stroller works as a high-quality stroller.

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller

This Kolcraft Cloud Plus stroller is travel-friendly and extremely lightweight, weighing in at just 11.8 lbs. Although this stroller is compact, it also comes with multiple advantages, including a reclining seat with multi-position options that will keep your child comfortable for your next adventure.


Built with convenience in mind, you can easily use one hand with this stroller, and it also allows for a self-standing fold option. With a weight limit of 50 pounds, your child will be able to ride in this stroller for years to come, making this the only stroller you will ever need. For a smoother ride, there are all-terrain front suspensions wheels. With your child’s safety in mind, the stroller was made with an adjustable 5-point harness.


This stroller, unfortunately, doesn’t recline all the way. However, it does recline to approximately 45 degrees. Although there is mesh in the back you can open to check on your baby, there is nothing to cover your child to protect him or her from the sun.

The Winner

Although each lightweight stroller has their own benefits and some are similar, the Zoe XL1 stroller outperforms all of the runner-ups. Weighing in at nine pounds, the Zoe stroller is the lightest one out of them all. Additionally, the seat reclines all the way to 135 degrees, making it fully customizable for your child. The canopy is added protection for your child to protect him or her from the harmful sun rays.