Best Protective Hairspray Review

Having trouble finding the best thermal products for your hair type?  How bad was your frizz this morning?  What about dull, lifeless hair that you’re ready to shave off and start over?Let’s not get that crazy, but here are the top four hair thermal protection products to keep that mop tamed and looking fabulous.

Drumroll please…the #1 thermal protector for hair is Joico K-Pak Protective Hairspray

This hairspray is a powerhouse when it comes to protecting your hair from the harsh elements of blow-drying and flat-ironing.  It comes in a convenient aerosol can, ranging in 9.3oz-10.5oz, and you direct the spray exactly where it needs to go.  Spray all over damp hair before using the flat-iron or spot spray when and where you need it. Need a bottle on the go?  Tuck a small bottle in your bag and you’re off!

Tired of your hair looking dull, lifeless and frizzy?  Using a specialized Bio-Advance Peptide Complex formula, this acts as both a thermal protectant and a mid-hold strength hairspray.  This formula adds needed proteins lost during constant heat and element exposure.  When the proteins are added back in, Viola! Shine, body, control and no frizz!  The formula acts as a sealant to help protect the hair shaft, keeping in vital oils and reducing breakage.  Colored hair actually strips the hair shaft of these needed proteins and oils, so using this on a daily basis could actually restore shine and body to your colored hair!

Why is K-Pak better than my other bottles?

I’m glad you asked that!  Joico K-Pak is designed to be more than just a “one-job” product.  This hairspray is designed to add moisture and shine, control fly-aways and frizz during the day and night and restore proteins lost while “doing that up-do” daily.

If you don’t have a lot of counter space, or you keep buying can after can, product after product, which one do you really use?  It’s such a convenience to have everything you need in one bottle of K-Pac.  People have commented how easy this product is to use, it’s not heavy and sticky and it keeps hair soft and manageable.  Using 2 or 3 different bottles of a product can actually ruin your hair, let alone empty your pocket book.

How do I know it will work for my hair?

K-Pak is designed for any hair type, but especially works well for dry and/or damaged hair.  With the patented formula, proteins will be added back in over time to make hair softer, silky, stronger and shinier than ever before!  Don’t be afraid to keep using that iron or blow-dryer.  Keep using Joico’s K-Pak Protective Hairspray and watch your hair be the star!


First Runner up – Tresemme Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Shine Spray

I’m thinking the name just about sums it up.  This spray has just about everything a person needs in thermal protection; along with a little bit more.  Part of their Keratin line, Tresemme has come out with their smooth, heat protection and shine spray.  It’s in an 8oz, red bottle with a directional spray pump on the top.  The Keratin acts as a heat shield, keeping in moisture and reducing frizz and fly-aways, and also sealing in shine.  Use this on damp hair before applying heat via flat iron or blow dryer.  Customers are singing the praises of this spray, saying; “This Works!  Not as greasy as some other products, almost like water, this keeps my hair soft and smooth”, and “Great product for the money.  Use this every day!”  Tresemme Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Shine Spray seems to be a great product, for a little money, living up to its promise.

Second Runner Up – Kiehl’s Heat-Protective Silk-Straightening Cream

So, how do you feel about having natural products in your hair to make it manageable? If that’s a yes, then Kiehl’s straightening cream seems to be your answer.  Since 1851, Kiehl’s has been offering many different skin and hair products, including the straightening cream. Offered in a small, white, 5.0oz tube, this cream is touted to be smoothing hair and infusing it with extracts from Soy Beans, Sesame Seeds, and Sunflower Seeds.

This combination of extracts and other ingredients eliminates frizz, locks out humidity and seals in moisture and shine.  It’s recommended for both hair straightening and curls, depending on your mood. Just apply to damp hair and style as usual. Since it’s a cream, it might feel a little heavier and greasier on the hair, but with all the goodness it offers, it should be a clear winner!

Third Runner up – Ouidad Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel

If you’ve never tried a gel to straighten hair, customers swear by it and commented “It doesn’t leave hair crunchy or crispy”, “Eliminates frizz”, “Hair stays soft and manageable”. This is the first product I have seen that states it does not damage hair color. This product comes in a 2.5oz, 8.5oz or 33.8oz bottle. Regardless of hair type, the gel is to absorb humidity, prevent frizz, fly-aways, and seal in moisture, while being gentle on hair.

Ouidad states it uses extracts of Almond, Henna Oil, Chamomile and Kiwi to help balance the hair strand.  The use of natural herbs and oils always seems to have a sense of calm and trust when trying to repair the damage. Use a small amount on damp hair and style as usual.  I’m not sure how a gel would feel on thin or severely damaged hair, but being a little on the heavy side might not be a bad thing.

Best of the Best

With all these different hair types, and all the styling you do to keep yourself looking awesome, why don’t you have a product that covers all your bases like Joico’s K-Pak Protective Hairspray? This little product is the 1-2 punch you need to keep your hair healthy, manageable and beautiful.  Joico’s salon quality product is the help you need to make your hair shine tonight, so why not give it a try?