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Best Rated Exercise Bikes

If you have been looking for the right exercise bike and keep wondering if you will ever find it, then I have terrific news for you. That so-called “right” exercise bike is the folding magnetic version from Exerpeutic. There are so many terrific features to this bike that it’s hard to find a place to begin. Firstly, Exerpeutic built this piece of equipment with an eight-level magnetic tension system.

You can adjust the tension system to make your workout as difficult as you want it to be. It also has a three-piece high torque cranking system that will provide you with a smooth pedaling experience. Noise is also a non-factor because of the built-in flywheel and V-belt. This means that you can watch TV, listen to music or have any another sort of entertainment going in the background without worrying about the bike interfering.

Tremendous Comfort and Design

Exerpeutic’s Magnetic UprightOutside of the amazing operation of Exerpeutic’s magnetic upright bike, the design and comfort stand out the most. The seat on the machine is fully padded and can sit people of any size. You can also adjust the seat height to your personal liking. Exerpeutic made sure to make this bike suitable for both short and tall individuals.

The design of this bike is beautiful, sturdy and compact. Depending on your personal preference, you may dislike the design. I, on the other hand, love it as it’s a tremendous combination of gray and white. However, it doesn’t just look good. This was built to hold up to 300 pounds of mass, which accounts for a lot of people. Due to the adjustable seat, it’s also extremely easy to get on and off this bike. This may seem minor, but trust me you will eventually love it given how much you will use it. To top the near-perfect design off, you can easily fold this bike up for storage purposes. It will decrease nearly half in size and can be moved on any hardwood floors with its transportation wheels.

The LCD Computer

This is where things can get a little dicey. Exerpeutic did include an easy to see LCD computer (with a screen size of 3.3 x 1.5 inches) to their exercise bike that will show you your distance traveled, speed, time, calories burned, scan and heart rate monitor. So, why do I say things can get a little dicey? It’s because this computer has been known to lie to you from time to time. It might give you a total distance that only Lance Armstrong could achieve in the time elapsed. If you are interested in a bike that is 100 percent precise with its estimations, then you may want to look elsewhere.

That lone drawback aside, I can’t recommend a much better exercise bike than this one. All that is left for you to do now is to make your way over to Amazon. Add this brilliant machine to your cart and then enjoy an awesome exercising experience.

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Runner-Up #1: Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycle TrainerLet’s just say that you have no interest in the Exerpeutic magnetic upright bike. This means I should give you some alternatives that, while not quite as good, will still more than suffice. Firstly, is the Pro Indoor bike from Sunny Health & Fitness.

Much like the Exerpeutic bike, this machine has a fully adjustable seat, along with adjustable handlebars. It supports a little less user weight with a maximum of 275 pounds but also has an adjustable resistance system. The chain drive mechanism is also very smooth, while the crank is extremely heavy-duty.

Although I mentioned that the seat is adjustable, for shorter people it still may be uncomfortable. This bike is definitely more suited for people who don’t have a height problem!

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Runner-Up #2: Marcy ME Recumbent Exercise Bike

Marcy ME Recumbent Exercise BikeUnlike the exercise bike from Exerpeutic, this bike is a recumbent one. This means that you are in more of a laid-back position when using it as your back is resting on a cushion.

This particular one from Marcy has eight different levels of resistance with a knob to change the level to your preference.

Also present is a large console display that will show you the basics: calories burned, time, speed and distance.

Under no circumstance should you get this alternative if you want to use your exercise bike for heavy workouts? The build is just not made for long uses and it’s better suited for casual use.

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Runner-Up #3: Exerpeutic 900XL Recumbent Bike

Exerpeutic 900XL Recumbent BikeHey, you should recognize this company! Exerpeutic makes their way as an alternative to their own product! Anyway, once again this is a recumbent bike meaning more of a “low-ride”.

It has many of the same features as the Marcy ME. This includes an eight-level resistance system, an easy to read LCD screen that displays all of the basics and a seat with a cushioned back. You can also easily relocate the bike with its attached transportation wheels.

Much like their best exercise bike (the one I mentioned earlier), this bike is very quiet in operation and allows a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds. This is just a good overall bike. There are very few issues with it, but it has nothing that will blow you away.

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The Exerpeutic Magnetic Upright Bike is the One

If you’re curious to why I chose the upright bike over the recumbent it’s because the former feels like more of a workout. Combine that with the extensive amount of terrific features of the bike from Exerpeutic (multiple levels of resistance, comfortable and adjustable seat, brilliant crank system, quiet operation, and large maximum weight capacity) and you have a perfect match.

An added bonus, of course, is the storage capabilities of being able to fold it and move it with the transportation wheels. If I haven’t convinced you to buy this yet, then I never will! Make your way to Amazon and see for yourself how great this is.