Best Rated Home Gyms

When it comes to making elite exercise machines, Bowflex knows what they are doing. Their PR1000 Home Gym will give you one of the best exercising experiences that you will ever have. It will work out nearly every major part of your body including your back, abs, chest, shoulders, lower body and arms.

Using Bowflex’s Power Rods, it provides resistance that feels as good (if not better) than free weights. The resistance is entirely up to you, as well, because you can hook up as many rods to the machine that you want to. This can alter the resistance greatly and you can work out with as little as five pounds to 210 pounds. Also included with this Bowflex are a horizontal bench press, triple-function hand grips, and four-inch upholstered roller cushions.

You Will Never Be Bored

Bowflex PR1000 Home GymThis Home Gym from Bowflex is the only exercise machine that you need in your home. There are over 30 different types of exercises that you can perform. This includes, but is not limited to, bench press, incline bench press, seated shoulder press, seated low back extension, wrist curl, triceps pushdown, standing biceps curl, trunk rotation, calf raise, leg press, leg kickback, seated hip adduction, and leg extension. At your local gym, you would have to walk to different machines to get all of these exercises. However, with the Bowflex PR1000 all you have to do is switch it from the machine.

It’s Very Compact

One of my favorite aspects to this home gym has nothing to do with the workout you get from it. Although that is absolutely terrific, its compactness is the main reason it’s so perfect for your home. The minimum workout area you will need is 100 x 78 inches. However, when it’s not in use you don’t have to worry about it being in your way. This is because the rowing machine rail will fold up. So, this compact machine will not take up as much space as you may think.

Great Design

Look, no matter how functional something is the first aspect someone will usually point out is how good something looks. Also, whatever you end up buying you will have to stare at for the rest of your life (unless you get rid of it). This makes design extremely important and the Bowflex PR1000 certainly succeeds at that with its extremely eloquent red and black exterior.

One Drawback

There are not many negatives that I can say about this home gym, except for one. However, this negative is completely based on your preference. For some of you, the maximum resistance of 210 pounds may not be enough to satisfy. If you work out slowly, though, then you can fully maximize the exercise you are doing. Still, if you crave intense power then it’s possible that this limit will disappoint you. For most of you, though, I really can’t see this being much of an issue. So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to Amazon to get the complete exercising experience.

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Runner-Up #1: The BodyCraft GXP Home Gym

BodyCraft GXP Home GymNo matter how good someone thinks something is, there is always someone who doesn’t like it. This philosophy leads me to give you some excellent alternatives if you are not interested in the Bowflex Home Gym.

The first alternative I give to you is the home gym from BodyCraft. To put it bluntly, this is an absolute beast. It is built with fiberglass, reinforced nylon pulleys that will hold up to an astonishing 1,500 pounds.

Along with this is the Bench Doubler feature that allows you to bench press up to 400 pounds.

In case you didn’t figure it out, this alternative is for the people who think 210 pounds is not enough. However, just know that the superior build and strength mean this is far more expensive. Get ready to make your wallet cry if you choose this alternative.

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Runner-Up #2: Weider Ultimate Body Works

Weider Ultimate Body WorksIf you are the type of person who just wants something “that will get the job done”, then look no further than the Ultimate Body Works from Weider. This machine doesn’t have nearly the exercise capabilities of the Bowflex, but it will give you one heck of a workout.

The Ultimate Body Works has resistance bands that allow you to add up to 50 pounds of extra pressure. The cable and pulley system is also very well built and gives you a greater range of motion. To top it all off, this Weider home gym is extremely easy to fold up for storage.

One aspect to be aware of, given this, is a little cheaper model, is the build is not as good as the Bowflex. Be prepared for the possibility of having to replace one of your parts.

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Runner-Up #3: The Thane Home Gym

Thane Total Flex Home GymThe most compact home gym I have seen to date is the Total Flex by Thane. It nearly folds up as small as a suitcase and it’s practically ready out of the box.

You can choose the resistance level that suits you best, as well as choosing between over 50 different exercises. If you only have room for a really small machine, then this may be your best option.

When it comes to build and durability, this can’t touch the PR1000 from Bowflex.

If you plan on using a home gym religiously, then you will end up being disappointed with this brand.

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My recommendation

Just take my word and stick with Bowflex for this one. The adjustable resistance levels, the different types of exercises, the durability and design, the comfort, and the compactness make the PR1000 home gym the very best option for you. No other machine combines all of these aspects as well as this one. If you don’t trust me, then head over to Amazon and see for yourself. Then, order it and see what you think. I personally guarantee (unless you are looking for a ridiculous amount of power) that you will be satisfied. If you don’t, then you better lower your expectations a little!