Best Rear-Facing Toddler Car Seats

No doubt if you’re a parent you know the importance of car seat safety. And, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that rear-facing car seats are extremely safe and that your child should stay in one until he or she absolutely needs to move to a front-facing seat.

Rear-facing car seats help to protect your child’s torso, head, and neck in the event of a car crash. So, it’s vitally important that you do your research on all car seats to decide which ones work best, and, most important, which ones are the safest. Keep in mind that the most expensive car seat does not always mean the best one.

Here, we’ll provide you with some information on the best four car rear-facing toddler car seat so that you can make an informed decision when you decide to make your purchase.

Reports Say Rear-Facing is Safest

Federal and consumer experts have both stressed the importance of rear-facing car seats for as long as a child is able to remain in one. However, do keep in mind that proper installation of your car seat plays a key role in whether or not your child is actually safe. There are federal checkpoints available nationwide to help you determine if your car seat is installed correctly.

Graco My Ride Convertible Car Seat

The first seat we’re going to review is the Graco My Ride Convertible Car Seat. This is an excellent product because it accommodates your growing child. Once your child is too old to be in the rear-facing portion of the seat, the seat then becomes a front-facing booster seat.

Benefits of Graco My Ride Convertible Car Seat

Energy absorbing foam, which means it minimizes the energy impact during a crash
LATCH-equipped seat with a five-point harness system.
Installation instructions that are easy to read.
Fabric cover is machine washable, and other parts of the car seat can be washed with water and mild soap for easy clean up.

A Safe and Comfortable Ride

This car seat is designed with your child’s comfort and safety in mind and made to protect children from five to up to 40 pounds, which means you start your child out in this car seat as an infant and turn this seat into a front-facing seat after your child reaches the maximum weight.

Your child can stay in the front-facing position when he reaches 65 pounds.

This car seat comes with a removable headrest and insert to keep your child secure and comfortable on longer car rides. There is also a cup holder provided for you and your child’s added convenience. The downside of this car seat is that it is a bit on the larger side, and can pose a space issue for those that have smaller vehicles. Be sure to keep the measurements of your back seat and the need for other booster or car seats in your car when it comes time to make your purchase


First Runner-Up:  Graco Size 4 Me Convertible Car Seat

This car seat is another seat that is designed to hold your infant and toddler in the rear-facing position until she reaches the maximum weight, and from there the seat turns front-facing. When you purchase a convertible car seat, you’re eliminating the need to make multiple car seat purchases.

  • The Graco Size 4 Me car seat will protect your baby up to 40 pounds when in the rear-facing position. From there, once your child exceeds the maximum weight, he is safe to change to the front-facing position.
  • The Size 4 Me car seat has three different reclining positions in order to help ensure your child’s comfort at each stage of growth. The older your child gets, the more he will want to sit upright.
  • Also as an added convenience is a built-in cup holder for a water bottle or sippy cup.


The downside of this car seat is that it does only accommodate up to 40 pounds, meaning that your child will most likely be forward-facing by the time he’s two and a half or so.

If you’re interested in learning more about this car seat, you can read more about the product in detail here.

Second Runner-Up: Eddie Bauer 3-in-1 Deluxe Seat

This car seat is another great product made for those with infants and is designed to grow with the child. Benefits of this car seat include the following:

  • An extended use car seat that is rear-facing from five to 40 pounds. From there, the seat converts to a front-facing harness seat from 22-65 pounds.
  • Protection from side impacts.
  • Five-position headrest that adjusts.Three reclining positions for added comfort.
  • This car seat also comes with a removable infant head rest for comfort and protection through the smaller stages in life. This car seat is excellent for use up until your child reaches school age.


It may be difficult to find room in a smaller car for another booster seat.

All in all, this product is one that may fit your lifestyle and needs, so if you’re interested in this product, read more about it here.

Third-Runner Up: Safety 1st Rear-Facing Car Seat

Our last product to review is the Safety 1st Rear-Facing car seat. This product comes with the following features:

  • Five-point harness system that adjusts as your child grows.
  • Three-position recline for added comfort, plus a removable head support for your infant.
  • A detachable cup holder and rotating armrest
  • Extended use of up to 100 pounds.
  • With this particular car seat, the rear-facing feature is up to 35 pounds.
  • Another car seat that allows you to start off using as an infant and changes to accommodate your growing child.


As with the other seats, this can be a bit on the bulky side and may be difficult to install in a smaller vehicle.

Keep in mind that everyone’s budget and needs are different, and there are many products out there that accommodate a variety of needs and wants. Through it all, remember that the longer your child can stay in a rear-facing seat, the better off your child is.

The Graco My Ride Convertible Car Seat Recomendation

While all of the above-mentioned car seats are excellent, safe choices, we’d like to recommend the Graco My Ride Convertible Car Seat for you. That is because when it comes to value and affordability, the price is just right when you consider My Ride Convertible Car Seat, especially when you’re a new family just starting out and sticking to your budget is very important.

When it comes to the safety of your child, this seat’s safety features go above and beyond the national recommendation, which means you can feel safe and secure placing your child in this seat. Because this seat comes equipped with energy-absorbing functions during a crash, that extra protection is there for child, just in case. Lastly, the added conveniences of a cup holder and removable fabric cover make this the ideal rear-facing toddler seat for your child.