Best Stationary Exercise Bike

The Fitleader Upright Stationary Exercise Bike – This bike will have you peddling for hours in the comfort of your own home!

People either love or hate exercise, there is not really any middle ground here, but if you are looking to ease yourself into the world of exercise then there are few places better to start than with a stationary exercise bike. The one that is the focus of our attention today is the Fitleader Upright Stationary Bike, and we will be looking at this compact machine in more detail as we go!

The Fitleader Upright Stationary Exercise BikeThis bike is worth every penny you will pay for it, and with an abundance of clever features included within the overall package, you will soon be able to see why we have chosen this as the best stationary exercise bike on the market today!

You’ve said that this bike is good, but what exactly can it do?

You would be forgiven for thinking that exercise bikes would be limited in their features. I mean all they are really good for is peddling without moving right? Well, you may be shocked to hear that the Fitleader is jam-packed with clever features to help you work out. These include; 8 different resistance levels to really test your fitness out; ergonomic pedal design for comfort, and an adjustable seat and handlebar to ensure that no matter how tall or small you are you will be able to ride this bike without straining yourself.

So why is this bike better than the rest?

For starters, as soon as you take the Fitleader out of the box you will breathe a sigh of relief as it is incredibly easy to assemble which means you’ll be riding in no time at all! This bike is adjustable in all of the places it needs to be too, and this makes it perfect for households within which multiple people will be using it. Another thing well worth mentioning is the fact that it has been made with very high-quality parts, so no matter how rough you are with it, you won’t be able to break it!

Will I be able to ride off into the sunset?

The people at Fitleader have spent a lot and time and effort in ensuring that everything is perfect with this exercise bike, and they have almost managed to achieve that. The only small thing that some people have complained about with regards to this machine is the fact that the seat can be uncomfortable if you plan on riding for a long time. However, even with that being said, have you ever actually found a comfortable seat on an exercise bike? Thought not….

So, why should I buy it then?

The title of the best stationary exercise bike is not one that is won very easily, but the Fitleader has enough clever features and design elements to warrant it. This is the perfect bike to use to increase your fitness levels, and with its versatility and user-friendly design, you will be very glad you came across it!

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Runner Up #1 – The Sunny SF-B901

The Sunny SF-B901Sunny has been around for a long time and they are a much-respected name in the world of exercise equipment. They have done themselves proud with the SF-B901 again as this is a very well put together machine.  It has been designed with simplicity in mind, and all you have to do is put it together and hop on it!

This stationary bike is perfect for people who are looking to ease their way into cycling, and with its variable resistance levels, it is even perfect for those who are slightly more experienced behind the handlebars!

If we are being picky though, (and that is our job,) it is worth noting that this bike can be a little tricky to put together.

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Runner Up #2 – Pinty Upright Exercise Bike

Pinty Upright Exercise BikeThe Pinty is another very good machine, but this is one that has a slight technological element to it. This bike comes equipped with pulse sensor handlebars.

This means that you will be able to get a very accurate representation of how well your workout is going whilst you are still riding! If you need to up your heart-rate to reach your goals, now you will know!

Whilst this is a stationary bike, the people at Pinty have made sure that should you need to move it around it is incredibly easy to do so with the specially inbuilt transportation wheels included at the front. Please take note if you are tall though, as this is not a bike for people who are above average height!

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Runner Up #3 – XtremepowerUS Indoor Stationary Bike

XtremepowerUS Indoor Stationary BikeThis bike may look like it has been designed with the more dedicated cyclist in mind, but don’t let its angry red and black frame put you off if you are only just beginning your cycling journey.

This bike is still perfectly good for beginners too, as it’s a fully adjustable seat, handlebars, and resistance settings will testify to!

The 22-pound flywheel will provide enough of a challenge for anyone who wants to test their riding ability out on it too, so as you get fitter the bike will keep testing you!

One thing that is worth watching out for though is the leg space when peddling as if you are a tall cyclist you may struggle to find a comfortable riding position on this bike.

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So what is the overall conclusion?

Whilst there are other challengers for the crown, there was only ever going to be one winner for the title of the best stationary exercise bike and that is the Fitleader Upright Stationary Bike. This machine has everything you could ever need from an exercise bike, and it has it all in one easy to use and neat package. It is easy to assemble and it can be used by everyone in the family thanks to its adjustability in almost all of its parts. If you are looking for an exercise bike to help you get in shape, then we can thoroughly recommend checking out this one as it will have you cycling like a pro in no time at all!