Best Tandem Double Strollers

The Contours Options Elite tandem double stroller is an award-winning stroller that has been updated with customers’ feedback in mind. In addition to flexibility, function, form, and safety, this double stroller is a stylish option. Most parents look for strollers that fold easily, and that’s exactly what this one does; in fact, it can even stand with both seats on. For the busy parents who are looking for a more efficient way to get errands done with two kids, the Contours Options Elite stroller is a great choice to do just that.


Contours Options Elite Tandem Double StrollerWith an aluminum frame, this stroller is durable for the safeness of your children. Although this is a double stroller that is made with durability in mind, it’s also lightweight for your convenience and weighs just 34 lbs.

With a total weight limit of 80 lbs. for this stroller, each child can be 40 lbs. in each seat, allowing this to be the only stroller you will need.

Rather than pushing one child in a stroller and have one walk, you can easily push both children in the stroller to get things done faster.


The company who created this stroller considered the feedback from their customers to ensure this Contours Options Elite stroller was exactly what parents were looking for. With reversible seats that have new lift-assist mounts, the stroller gives you the convenience to have seven simple seating options. This stroller has the capability to accommodate two infant car seats that are brand specific and have click-in adapters, which would need to be purchased separately. With safety as a top priority, the stroller has dynamic rear and front wheel suspension to ensure a smooth ride on any surface.


Whether you have twins or two young children, it’s easy to keep your eyes on each child as they can face you in this stroller. Easily customize the stroller to your preference, for example, you can put just one car seat in and put groceries or other shopping bags in the bottom of the stroller in the large basket. Another customizable option is to face the two children so they can see each other as you can put the car seats in different positions. If you want to switch it up even more, you can face both children forward so they can see the adventure you’re bringing them on.


As this is a brand-new 2016 double stroller that was upgraded with feedback in mind, there aren’t many cons about it. One report of a con is that the parent’s cup holder could be improved. The reason for improvement would be because it can be easy to catch things on it as it is in an awkward spot.


Graco Ready2grow Click Connect LX Stroller

Graco Ready2grow Click Connect LX StrollerThis tandem double stroller has two riding options for two children from infant to youth ages. This stroller is perfect for growing families. This stroller is great for parents who like to go for walks or depend on a stroller while running errands as it has exceptional maneuverability.


With different ways to position your children, it makes it convenient, depending on how you want to place them, such as facing forward or facing you. Additionally, your baby’s comfort was kept in mind with the multi-position front seat. You have the ability to store groceries, diaper bags, or even your purse with a large basket on the bottom of the stroller.


Because of the foot part on the car seat going under the handle, it leaves less room for some children. Although the stroller leans far back, the angle is not customizable.  Even though the stroller works perfect and sooth indoors and on pavement, going over dirt roads is not always easy.

Baby Trend Sit and Stand Double Stroller

Baby Trend Sit 'N StandThe Baby Trend Sit and Stand Double Stroller is perfect for kids of various ages. It doesn’t matter if you have twins or children who are both young, this stroller is ideal for you. Running errands doesn’t have to be a difficult task anymore as you can easily fit two kids in this stroller and have room in the large basket underneath to store items.


With a one hand fold, this stroller makes it fast and convenient to use. With the removable, swing tray and their cup holder, your child can eat and take their favorite drink with them on your walk.  Not only does your child get a tray, but parents also have a tray and a cup holder, allowing you to snack and stay hydrated on your adventure.


There aren’t too many cons with this double stroller. The con that was reported mentioned the heaviness of the stroller, so it is slightly bigger than the other models.

Baby Jogger City Select with Second Seat

Baby Jogger City Select with Second SeatThe convertible stroller option gives you the simplicity of a single stroller, with the ability to add another seat for your second child whenever you need it. The Baby Jogger City Select is the best choice for a convertible stroller on the market today.

The City Select is well-made and has a classy design. The second seat is installed over the front tire in this model, which makes for a lot more room for the kids within the stroller. Each seat allows for a 45 lb. weight limit. Both seats recline, and there are actually 16 different position selections available with these seats! A car seat can also be attached for your infant.

Taller parents have much more foot space as they’re walking with the City Select because of the position of that second seat over the front wheel. There’s a hand brake for parking, an extendable push handle, a nice canopy with see-through window, and 12″ tires that never need to be pumped.

The City Select is your go-to stroller for ease of use, single to double option, and lovely design.


Although each stroller has their benefits and remarkable features, the one that comes out on top is The Contours Elite Tandem Stroller. This stroller is extremely lightweight and with the seven easy seating choices, this a must-have tandem double stroller.