BOB Revolution FLEX Stroller Review

As a parent, life can get very busy. Whenever you can combine two tasks at once, you do. Where am I getting at? The BOB Revolution FLEX Stroller allows you to take your child for a stroll, while also allowing you to go for a jog. In my opinion, this alone makes the product a must-own one for exercising parents. However, it’s silly for me to say that without informing you of what the BOB Revolution stroller is all about.

Versatile Design

Without a shadow of the doubt, my favorite aspect to this stroller is its versatile design. There are two ways you can use the front wheel. Firstly, you can set it to swivel. This makes it much easier to navigate through city streets, parks and other tight spots. However, if you want to use this as a jogger than the front wheel can be locked in place. This adds an incredible amount of stability and will make it smoother on rough terrain. For an added bonus, the state-of-the-art suspension system is adjustable to up to three inches of travel. Also, the handlebar can be adjusted to nine different positions. No matter your height, this will accommodate for you.

Extra Storage

If you are taking your kid for a walk or going for a jog with your child, then I can imagine you would like to take some extra accessories. Under the seat, you will find an extra-large cargo basket that will hold your gear, supplies, baby items, etc. Although there is no front access, it’s fairly easy to access from the back and the sides. All in all, you can store up to 10 pounds of items in the basket. For a more convenient access to your items (such as your water bottle), there is a large mesh pocket on the back of the seat.

Convenient for Your Child

Not only do you have excellent storage possibilities with the Revolution FLEX, but your child does as well. Albeit, there are no child trays for them to use, but there are two mesh stow pockets in their disposal. They are both easy to use and both of them will hold their drinks, snacks and treasures. Anything bigger can just be stored in the underneath basket.

If you are curious (as the seat is designed to hold children of up to 75 pounds), with the storage basket and pockets full you could be looking at up to 90 pounds of total mass (not counting the weight of the stroller).

Large Canopy

During all of my research on strollers, the one feature that always seems to be present (no matter what) is a canopy. Although there are no UV protection ratings on the canopy, it’s very large and when fully extended will protect your toddler very well. Another bonus is when your child is reclining on the seat, there is additional ventilation for extra airflow. Finally, there is a peek-a-boo window on the back that allows you to monitor your child.

Great Safety

Trust me when I say, your toddler will be safe in the Revolution FLEX. The five-point harness on the seat is very easy to strap on and will accommodate for all children. This is thanks in large part to the red pull rings on the harness. However, the tremendous buckle snaps (which are extremely easy to snap on and off) add to the ease of use, as well. Besides the harness, there is also an adjustable crotch strap for extra safety. Topping the safety off is the single action brakes. When you set the brakes (which is an easy process), you don’t have to worry about them releasing unless you push the pedal in the middle of the frame.

My Final Thoughts

In what is a rare occurrence, I can’t find any noteworthy negatives to talk about. With my absolute highest recommendation, you should invest in this if you are looking for an exercise while strolling your child. The storage capabilities, safety, large canopy, versatile design and convenience all add up to make this stroller utterly irresistible. Do yourself a huge favor and head over to Amazon to complete the process and purchase this stroller. On my trusted word, you will not regret it if you do.