Britax B-Safe 35 Car Seat Review

During one of my Internet-surfing adventures, I stumbled upon information about the Britax B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat. My review concerning this product can assist you or any friends of yours who are new parents or who are thinking about having a baby.

The Specs of the Product

The Britax 35 Car Seat is an upgrade of the B-Safe infant car seat brand. This model is created to provide your baby more legroom, plus protect him/her from flying rubble. It’s a rear-facing only car seat. You have to ensure your baby weighs between four to 35 pounds and is 32 inches tall or smaller. It comes with a head pillow that’s removable, two crotch buckle positions, and a smooth bottom base. One important aspect of this car seat is that it includes complete inside impact protection.

It will be horrible if you and your baby were to suffer a car accident, but if an incident were to occur, it’ll be good for you to know that the car seat comes with this feature since it’s able to absorb the shock of the crash. The car seat is approved by the FAA for use on airplanes and the seat is durable for six years! That’s an important fact for you to know in case you plan on having another child so your first child’s younger sibling can use it. Owning a car seat that lasts for six years means you save lots of money in the long run, too.

Ease of Use and Upkeep

It appears that you won’t be able to wash the car seat’s cover in the washing machine; you will have to wash it by hand. I’m not sure how the cover will react to clothing detergent, so it’s probably best for you to wash the cover with hand soap and warm water. Also, you have to be hang it somewhere to dry, not put it in a dryer.

Unfortunately, the maintenance of the car seat’s cover isn’t its only inconvenient feature. The slot for the buckle on the car seat is too thin for simple removal. You will have to remove the buckle by twisting the metal slide on its side and pushing it upwards toward the seat’s bottom. This feat is possible, but grueling if you were in a rush to get somewhere. This process is much faster with other seats. On an upside, though, the harness is simple to adjust. Of course, you will have to adjust it as your son or daughter grows, but it won’t be a constant process.

FAA Guidelines and Approval

I mentioned earlier about how the car seat is approved by the FAA. However, its base isn’t approved for installation on the plane. You have no choice but to set up the car seat without a base and to leave the base at home. You should also bring a rolled-up towel on board to ensure the car seat is on-level during the plane ride.

What’s Cool about this Product

There are many upsides about this car seat. It has a deep shell to protect your baby from a crash and its rear-facing feature protects them from the elements of dirt and dust. It includes a Click & Go System that attaches the car seat to same-brand strollers when you want to go on a walk with your baby. The car seat comes with an extra-large canopy to shield a baby from the rain or the sun’s heat. The car seat is also manufactured in the USA, an interesting factoid for you to know if you’re concerned about buying products from other countries.

What’s Not So Cool

Nothing in life is perfect, and that includes this car seat. To tell the truth, you’ll be glad to know the problems are few, but they should be brought up anyway. The buckles are hard to move from one position to the other. Plus, you may need the help of a towel to obtain maximum recline, particularly if the seat is without a base.

Final Say

All in all, in spite of its ups and downs, I would recommend this product to any parents-to-be. The pros outweigh the cons and the car seat is simple to use.