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Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine Review

Are you looking for the best sewing machine to start out with?

For sewing beginners, the most important factor which separates one machine from the rest is ease of use. Beginners don’t want to get bogged down in complicated programming, difficult threading, and winding of bobbins. They want a simple and straightforward machine which allows them to focus on what they bought it for – namely, sewing!

As many beginners belong to sewing classes or are starting out learning how to sew as part of a course at school, portability is an important factor when choosing the right machine.

It’s no good buying a heavy-duty, metal framed machine that you struggle to move around. Compactness and lightness are the orders of the day.

A great option for beginners is the Brother CS6000i

The Brother CS6000i has a reputation of being one of the easiest sewing machines to use.
This means you don’t have to spend days reading through a complicated instruction manual just to do some simple stitches. You can get to work straight away.

Brother CS6000i Sewing MachineDon’t let the LED screen put you off – it’s just a way to display information clearly without having to cram it all into one small space, saving you from having to squint. It’s very simple to use.

The work area is super bright meaning you don’t need to waste your money floodlighting the room or ruin your eyesight trying to make out what you’re doing. There’s even an oversized table for large projects and a free arm for smaller ones.

The machine comes with nine types of accessory feet and all the associated paraphernalia – needle sets, spool pins, bobbins and so on. You won’t have to go out to buy any extras. At 13lbs, it’s easy to carry around without any great difficulty. You can switch from one workspace to another without much effort, carrying it under your shoulder if you wish!

It comes with a wealth of easy-to-use features

This machine comes with 60 built-in stitches so there is plenty for you to choose from and learn how to use.

Brother CS6000i SettingsYou press a button to select your stitch, and then that stitch is displayed clearly on the LED screen.

This means you can avoid making careless mistakes such as starting to work with a stitch you selected in error.

There’s a slide switch which you can use to control the speed of your stitching.

Beginners can use this to get to grips with manipulating the fabric under less pressure, then increasing the speed as they become more comfortable.

On top of all that, the machine will thread the needle automatically for you, meaning that even the most experienced users can avoid an often troublesome task.

It also comes with a hard protective case, which means you can safely carry it to and from your sewing class. It also gives you a safe way of storing it away without having to worry about it getting damaged.

What Brother CS6000i has over other similar machines

The main appeal of the Brother CS6000i lies in its ease of use.

Brother CS6000i SewingIt’s incredibly simple to sit down with and be underway with your sewing in no time. You can pick up where you left off at intervals, without any hassle at all – great for busy multi-taskers!

The LED screen gives you any instructions you need to follow, such as which presser foot to use. You can avoid making simple mistakes, wasting time and fabric by simply glancing at it before you start. This is particularly of benefit to beginners.

For those who take their machine into class, it’s simply a case of setting the Brother CS6000i onto your workspace and allowing it to thread the needle before you can get to work.

You don’t have to go through any complicated time-wasting rigmarole as you would with some other machines.

It’s lightweight, but durable and not easily damaged

You might be concerned about the fact that it’s made of plastic and weighs a mere 13lbs.

Brother CS6000i Hard CoverThat makes it easy to move from one place to another. But you may feel worried about it being easily damaged.

I felt the same way – I also worried about that at first. However, I found that the protective case included with the machine is more than sturdy enough to protect it as you take it from one place to another.

As far as durability is concerned, Brother has a reputation to uphold and you’ll find that this machine does that without any issues.

Use it correctly ad it can handle thicker fabrics and large amounts of work.

All in all, it’s a superb choice for someone who is just starting out

What you’re actually getting when you buy the Brother CS6000i, is a good machine, capable of professional-standard work. The difference is that it’s all been fitted into a lightweight and compact model which is super easy to use.

Brother CS6000i NeedlesJust because it’s ideal for beginners to start out on, it doesn’t mean that it’s only for beginners, though. If you have a lot of experience but appreciate simple methods of working, you’ll be able to get the most out of this machine.

If you want to program the machine to do something more complicated, you can do that, too. In fact, this machine may be an ideal machine for beginners, but they won’t be beginners for long. It can help you learn different techniques and methods of working much more quickly than many of its rivals.

It’s perfect for carrying to and from sewing classes and can be set up in an instant. There’s no need to worry about using the wrong presser foot or setting it up wrong as you just have to follow the instructions on the LED screen. You don’t need to worry about having to buy extra parts, either, as they’re all included.

P.S. Now you’ve read about the various features, pros and cons of the Brother CS6000i, you might still want to compare it with reviews of other, similar machines. Thankfully, that information’s all here for you, too.

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