Brother PE770 Sewing Machine

Brother PE770 Sewing Machine Review

Are you looking for a high-quality dedicated embroidery machine?

You may have found that trying to do your embroidery on a regular sewing machine might just not be good enough. Perhaps you’ve tried a sewing and embroidery combo machine and yet still felt restricted in terms of what you can do and ease of working.

If you want to take your embroidery to the next level, you’ll need to look at something else. If you want to stitch larger designs, perhaps on your own homemade home décor items or decorative designs on jackets, you should be looking at a dedicated embroidery machine.

If your projects need a working area with lots of space for rotating, and you need a lot of freedom in terms of the designs that you can create and execute, you’ll need a modern machine with a large work area, adjustable designs and compatibility with downloadable designs.

The Brother PE770 might be just what you are looking for

If all of that sounds like you, then you’ve really got to take a look at this machine. Everything about the machine is designed with serious embroidery in mind.

The field, for example, measure at 5” x 7” which gives you a decent sized space to work with on your designs and lettering – not only that, though – it has a backlit LCD screen, which enables you to view your designs and settings before you start stitching.

It’s fully programmable and you can download and edit your designs in such an easy manner that makes it ideal for those who are just starting out in embroidery as well as those who already have a wealth of experience.

The work area is bright and lights up when you are working with darker fabrics. You can control the stitching speed by use of a simple lever, too, which makes the machine easy to use.

As you might expect, this machine is rich in features

A dedicated embroidery machine should have a wealth of stitches for the user to work with. In this regard, the Brother PE770 doesn’t disappoint. There are an incredible 184 built-in stitches for you to choose from, covering a huge range of styles, plus 136 built-in embroidery designs, all of which can be selected and edited using the backlit LCD display screen. Not only that, but there are 10 types of one-step buttonholes and six embroidery lettering fonts.

That’s not even the half of it though – this machine allows you to create your own stitches, which you can then save to the machine’s memory. On top of that, you can import your own designs using the USB port – all of which means that there is pretty much no limit at all to the types of design you can use.

In order to make sewing easier, there’s a sideways sewing feature, meaning you hardly need to rotate the fabric at all – you can switch from horizontal to vertical stitching.

Then there are the features which you would expect to come with a modern sewing machine – the advanced needle threading system and the jam resistant top-load drop-in bobbin, for example – which mean you can get straight down to work.

This machine also comes with 11 different presser feet, a hard carry box, and your bobbin and needle sets.

The sheer number of design options outranks its competitors

It could be tempting to spend hours and hours with the Brother PE770 without actually doing very much embroidery at all. The reason for this is due to all of the different design options it offers. For the perfectionist, it’s a dream come true – if browsing through all of the hundreds of stitch and embroidery pattern options doesn’t throw up something you like, you can simply choose the closest one and edit it until it’s perfect for what you want. Alternatively, you can surf the internet to find what you need. And if that’s still not good enough, no problem – you can design it yourself and have the machine execute it for you.

It means the difference between putting your own real, personalized touch on your embroidery and having to put up with something that’s only half of what you would have liked to have done.

Thankfully, the designs are of such a quality, that you can go straight to the style that you want and you’ll be able to find something you can work with – there aren’t any designs there just to take up space.

It’s surprisingly easy to use

With all of the designs and features that the Brother PE770 comes with, it might make some people assume that it’s a difficult machine to use. On the contrary. Brother has come up with a design which allows a high level of complexity when it comes to choosing the correct design, but in terms of the user interface, it couldn’t be easier.

It’s simply a case of having an idea of the stitch you want to use, selecting the best one and then getting to work. There’s no messing around with threading, no struggling to see what you are doing, no awkward turning of the fabric – the plate is a decent size and, as we’ve already seen, has stitching options to make difficult jobs much simpler.

You’re unlikely to find a better embroidery-only option

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert when it comes to machine embroidery, you want a no-nonsense machine that is going to allow you ultimate control over the design and ease of stitching – that’s pretty much it. And that’s what you get with this Brother model – a convenient and pleasant machine to work with, plus all the designs that your imagination can come up with.

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