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Brother SE400 Sewing Machine Review

Do you need a sewing machine that handles both regular sewing and embroidery well?

Do you get through a decent amount of sewing but find that you’d like to be able to personalize each item when the sewing work is done? Switching between sewing machines and embroidery machines can be a waste of time if you do it regularly, and a waste of money if you don’t.

Do you make clothing or decorative items for friends and family? That’s great, but being able to embroider as well as sew gives you so many more options when it comes to getting the design just right – you might want to make a special pattern, or put someone’s name on an item.

Maybe you run a small business from home and people ask you to complete projects which involve both sewing and embroidery. Do you really want the hassle of dealing with two separate machines? Wouldn’t it be much better to have a reliable combo machine from a trusted manufacturer?

You should get acquainted with the Brother SE400

The Brother SE400 is one of a few standalone sewing and embroidery combo machines on the market that is manufactured by one of the biggest and most reputable manufacturers.

Brother SE400 Sewing MachineAs a combo machine, it opens up all kinds of possibilities that otherwise would have been difficult or impossible to execute when it comes to realizing designs.

It is computerized, which makes it much easier to use all of the different functions. There are tutorials to follow, too, to helps newbies learn how to use the functions properly.

In terms of the machine itself, it’s relatively compact and lightweight, yet surprisingly sturdy. It can do a lot of different things, and yet it’s easy to get to grips with and to learn how to use.

There are seventy built-in embroidery designs and sixty-seven different stitches to choose from. It also has 120 different frame pattern combinations and five different embroidery fonts.

It’s ideal for saving time

A machine which is billed as a combo needs to be able to do both tasks well – not just pay lip service to them.

Brother SE400 PartsAs we’ve seen, the Brother SE400 has plenty of embroidery designs and a good number of stitches for the user to choose from. But what other features does it come with?

Well, firstly, you can import your own designs from Mac or PC – a feature which gives you almost unlimited creative potential as you can download designs and edit them before using them.

As you might expect, it has an LCD screen. This interface is touch sensitive and enables you to program the machine to your requirements, as well as giving you access to the tutorials.

As with most good sewing machines these days, you’ll find a host of modern features such as an automatic needle threader, a drop-in bobbin, an automatic thread cutter and accompanying presser feet, needle sets and so on.

When it comes to embroidery, there is an extra large 4×4 inch area to work with can be lit up so you can clearly see what you are doing.

It shows it’s worth getting a combo

With the number of features the Brother SE400 for both sewing and embroidery, it’s quite clear that this is anything but a gimmicky machine.

Brother SE400 SettingsRather than completing one task on multiple fabrics and then having to change to another machine and set everything up, you can finish the entire job using this one machine.

It can hold its own both as a sewing machine and an embroiderer. It is a lightweight machine, meaning that you shouldn’t have any problem moving it from one space to another.

Bearing that in mind, it’s impressively sturdy and shouldn’t skip when using thicker fabrics.

So you have the stability and speed of a computerized sewing machine, coupled together with the ingenuity and precision of a computerized embroidery machine all in one. You can save money and time all at once.

It may look complicated, but it isn’t

Before you purchase such a machine, it’s probably natural to worry about everything that could be a problem in future with the machine.

Brother SE400 SocketPerhaps it won’t be compatible with the types of software you want to use, or maybe you think it is trying to do too much all at once.

I certainly had my suspicions at first, too, so I know how you may feel. I felt the same way – what if I can’t use it with my Mac?

Will there be enough embroidery features? Might it be slow when it comes to sewing?

The good news is that all my fears were allayed – there is no problem with file compatibility, there are plenty of features and it sews like a dream.

The instruction manual is there if you need it, but to be honest, if you go through a few tutorials when you first start up the machine, you’ll get to grips with it in no time at all.

Overall, the Brother SE400 is a great choice

If you have already been trying to juggle the use of two machines over multiple projects, you’ll know just what a hassle the whole thing is.
Not only have you had to fork out for two machines, but you need double the amount of storage space – you need to keep switching the machines over, setting them up and so on.

If you have to keep unplugging them and then trying to access designs over again, it can just become an exercise in wasting time.

The Brother SE400 can hold its own with both tasks and save you money, time and space. It’s simple to use and comes with tutorials.

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