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Brother XL2600i Sewing Machine Review

Looking for a sewing machine that won’t break the bank?

If you’re new to sewing, you might be understandably reluctant to go out and part with a lot of money when buying a sewing machine. Especially if it will be your first machine. Yet you don’t want to risk spending a lot of money and be disappointed.

If you’re just starting out with sewing, you probably don’t want to get bogged down with countless confusing features and options. It’s better to keep things relatively simple at first. You might just want a machine for occasional work. You’re not planning on doing heavy-duty work every day. But you don’t want to compromise on quality.

It might be that you need a sewing machine which is easily portable. Perhaps you’re planning on taking it to and from a sewing class, or maybe you just don’t want to be stuck in the same place with it.

You’ll probably be keen to ensure any machine you buy is durable and can cope with the work you want to do. You don’t want a machine that will break easily or needs difficult-to-find parts.

You should take a look at the Brother XL2600i

The Brother XL2600i is priced right at the lower end of the market. This means you can get all the benefits of the trusted Brother brand without breaking the bank. If you’re completely new to sewing, let me tell you that Brother is one of the ‘big three’ trusted manufacturers with a global reputation.

Brother XL2600i Sewing Machine ReviewThis particular model is simple, yet rich in features so you can get right to work and not feel restricted by what you can and can’t do. You don’t have to bother with any complicated interfaces either. It’s a user-friendly machine that lets you concentrate on sewing.

Aside from the easy-to-use controls, it has a number of features which make tasks such as threading the needle and inserting the bobbin much easier.

Pretty much everything you need is included with the machine, so you don’t have to go out and make a bunch of separate purchases. Bobbins, five types of foot, needle sets and more make up the included accessories.

You might be surprised by the number of features it has

The Brother XL2600i comes with 25 built-in stitches so you get a good selection of stitches to apply to your sewing.

Brother XL2600i SpecsThe stitches are selected with an easy selector dial. You can choose the right one simply by turning the dial. It’s refreshing after having used more expensive machines which require you to upload stitches on USB sticks and deal with a whole lot of programming.

It features a top drop-in bobbin and an automatic needle threader which eliminate the hassle from sewing, meaning you can get right down to work every time.

It’s really light, too. It weighs just 11lbs, so you can move it around easily. That’s great if you don’t want to feel stuck in one place with your sewing machine. It also saves you from hurting your back when storing the machine away.

It has a number of advantages 

Aside from its great value, allowing you to save your pennies for fabric and other sewing-related expenses, the main advantages of the Brother XL2600i come from its simple design:

Brother XL2600i ReviewIt’s easy to use, meaning you can save time. For example, one of the features is the built-in, one-step buttonhole stitch and buttonhole foot. These features allow you to create buttonholes the size you want and sew on the button in a jiffy.

You don’t have to worry about fiddling around with the bobbin or the needle – this machine does pretty much all the work for you.

Compared to similar models in its price range, the Brother XL2600i has more features. That means you get more for your money and you don’t have to go out searching for add-ons later on.

The Brother XL2600i doesn’t compromise on quality

You might be wondering what the catch is. How can it be so affordable? I understand how you feel – in fact, I felt the same way when I came across this machine. However, I found that lower costs don’t have to mean reduced quality at all. The Brother XL2600i is proof of that.

Brother XL2600i Quality ReviewIt’s lightweight but it’s still durable. You can bet this machine will last longer than many, more expensive, models.

It can handle tough fabrics, too. You can sew denim and canvas without any issues. With really tough fabrics, it’s just a case of not trying to rush the job. Take your time and this machine will do just as good a job as much heavier, expensive machines.

As it’s so lightweight, you might choose to move it around a lot. That’s perfect if you want to attend a sewing class, or if you like to vary your environment when sewing. If you’re concerned about it getting damaged in transit (perhaps you want to put it in the luggage rack on a train, or even check it on to an airplane), you can always carry it in a dedicated case to prevent it from getting damaged.

Overall, it represents fantastic value for money

When you consider what the Brother XL2600i gives you for your money, it’s obvious why it’s such a good buy.

Brother XL2600i At WorkYou get the reliability of the Brother brand. You get a machine that’s easy to use and great for beginners. You get the accessories included so you don’t have to search around for them.

Not only that, but the machine is so lightweight that you can move it around easily. Yet it can handle hard work and tough material.

It’s perfect for beginners and those who want simplicity when sewing. If that sound like the kind of machine you’d be interested in, you should definitely put it on top of your list.

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