How to Build a Budget Friendly Home Gym

Expensive membership fees, poor weather, and long commutes are some of the excuses we often give for not keeping a regular exercise routine. Regular exercise boosts energy, improves health, and promotes a positive mood. Did you know that you can create a room for workout where it’s convenient? Yes, it’s possible to build a gym at your home.

While elaborate gyms at home might seem like a fanciful idea, the following ideas on how to build a budget-friendly gym at home will surely keep you active without spending a small fortune. You don’t have to have bulky home gym equipment. You can create a great routine with items that can be packed in bags, or kept under beds.

Bear in mind, the following items are essential tools that facilitate various movements and efforts, but are still cost-effective. In time, if you would like to improve your home gym with equipment that will allow for maximal strength training, check out craigslist for things such as bumper plates, squat rack, and barbells.

Jump rope

While many of us think that only school children jump rope, this is an amazing tool for improving coordination and conditioning. Since a jump rope may be used for both anaerobic and aerobic workout, it’s excellent for warming up as well as cooling down. It can also be included in circuit training exercises designed to keep a high heart rate.

Once you have developed the basics in jumping rope, you may expand your training to include different patterns of skipping, including the cross, double unders, and single-leg jump ropes.

You can find jump ropes on Amazon for a few bucks per piece.

Adjustable dumbbells

Dumbbells are weighted items that are held in both hands to perform both conditioning and strength movements depending on weight as well as how quick the movement is executed.

Dumbbells are very useful as they help to maximize your efforts, while working each arm separately to increase unilateral strength. They may also be used to make lower body exercises more intense. You can find dumbbells at most sporting goods shops, or you can buy them from various retailers online.

It’s better to use an array of adjustable dumbbells so you can get the most out of your money, as well as perform a range of movements with a single piece of equipment.

Some of the exercises you can do with dumbbells include power workouts like the squat clean and push press, or lower body strength workouts like front squat and Romanian deadlift.

You can buy a good collection of adjustable dumbbells on Amazon at budget-friendly prices.


Kettlebells are arguably the best as they’re cost effective, versatile, and beginner-friendly. It’s recommended that you buy a quality kettlebell made out of solid cast iron that weighs at least 15 pounds. Don’t buy plastic. You can find kettlebells on Amazon with free shipping.

What exercises can you perform with kettlebells? Well, you can try the goblet squat, double-handed swing, reverse lunge, or deadlift row.

Yes, people. It’s possible to create a budget-friendly home gym. With a few basic tools, you can improve your fitness and health with a small amount of money to start with.