How to Build the Perfect Baby Registry

Preparing to welcome a new baby into your home is a challenge. You’re going to be given a lot of advice when it comes to shopping and getting your home ready. New parents often struggle with creating a registry because they don’t fully understand their baby’s needs. Even if you have dozens of people offering you advice, you need to do your own research before deciding what to buy. Use this guide to learn a little more about building a registry.

Before You Start

You are probably very eager to go to the store of your choice and scan everything. It’s an exciting experience! However, you need to make sure your registry is focused. You don’t want to wind up with nothing but diapers or multiples of the same onesie. Start by choosing a practical store that has everything you need in one place. Then, take inventory of what you already have before shopping.

What Does Your Baby Really Need?

When developing your registry, you should go category by category and select items. Some stores will offer checklists to use, but these may include extra items you don’t need or want. Don’t feel obligated to use these lists; instead, focus on filling your specific needs. As a general rule of thumb, include anything you would need to feed, clothe, change, clean, entertain and transport your newborn.

Here are some examples sorted by department:

  • Nursery furniture – A crib, mattress, and bassinet. Add some decorations, such as a mobile.
  • Feeding and meals – Bottles, formula, or breastfeeding supplies.
  • Clothing – A wide range of onesies, tops, bottoms, pajamas, and outfits.
  • Changing – A convenient changing station and an ample supply of diapers.
  • Cleaning – Special baby shampoo, soap, and lotion. Choose a small bathtub if you only have a standing shower and don’t want to bathe baby in the sink.
  • Entertainment – Educational toys to help baby develop more skills. You can ask for a few child-friendly movies as well.
  • Transportation – A reliable car seat and stroller.

Depending on where you register, you can add non-baby things to your shopping list. Try not to take the focus of the list too far away from the baby. Some people may be happy to buy your picture frames or maternity clothes if you need them, but most are going to want to purchase something specifically for your new baby.

Keep in mind that you won’t get everything on the list, but some people may present you with gift cards. This will allow you to get the much-needed items you didn’t receive. 

Pick a Theme

Your nursery should be a luxurious, comfortable space where you can bond with baby. Every piece of furniture and décor should have a purpose and follow the same theme. Most modern parents stick with choosing a color scheme for their gifts, but others choose popular characters. This helps you coordinate your purchases and create a unified look.

Talk to the Store Associates

While the store’s registration personnel should not be your only source of information, they can help you find the items you want to include on your registry. These associates tend to be very knowledgeable about available products, so they can easily help you choose the right products. If you aren’t sure about an item, don’t be afraid to pull out your smartphone and read about it before adding it to your list.

Monitor and Update Your Wish List

Not everyone will go through the extra steps of taking items off your registry. You may also get gifts that you never registered for. Tracking your gifts don’t just help you stay organized, it helps you when sending out thank you cards later. Create a simple database or notes to help you stay on track.

Creating a new wish list or baby registry is a wonderful experience for a new parent. To learn more registry and baby tips, please check this blog on a regular basis.