Diamondback Recumbent Bike Review

The Diamondback 910Sr recumbent exercise has won the “Head of the Class” award from Fitness Professor for the last six consecutive years.  Peering into all of the states of the art features of this exercise equipment will help you determine why it is the cream of the crop.

The Features

Perfect seating for any user is obtainable on this exercise equipment. It has multiple height settings to accommodate any user no matter if they are very short or very tall. You can also fully adjust the seat forward and backward so that the pedals are in the exact position for a fabulous workout. The seat has a generous saddle for comfort along with a seat back including back and lumbar settings for comfort. The back support is made of a breathable and ventilated mesh back support to encourage longer advanced exercises without being as hot as a traditional solid back.

Diamondback 910 SR Recumbent BikeWide foot straps are included on the roomy pedal to ensure that your feet don’t slip or slide while using this exercise equipment.

The large heads-up LCD display is adjustable for viewing clearly by any rider after they configure the seat to their favorite position. You can follow your progress on the clear screen and monitor your heart rate, distance traveled and speeds as well as watts to optimize your exercise schedule.

The highly renowned fanless eddy brake resistance is incorporated into the Diamondback recumbent bike to provide a very smooth ride with the quietest operation of any other in a home bike.

One great advantage of this recumbent bike is that it includes onboard training technology. You can use the fitness tests that are built in to the system to find your perfect level to begin training. You then choose from 32 levels of resistance and an amazing 32 programs to meet your training needs.

The on-board heart rate receiver can be accessed by your choice of saddle sensor, handles or by your own polar heart rate strap. This allows you to be in the exact heart rate zone for your fitness level to burn calories and increase muscle mass.

Smart fans are incorporated into this unique design of the recumbent bicycle. They actually sense the intensity of your workout then automatically increase in speed and wind velocity to help cool you more efficiently.

User-Friendly Features

The Diamondback recumbent bike includes a stowaway magazine rack and a water bottle holder to encourage hydration while exercising.

The integrated media center allows you to input your own playlist and listen to it either through the speakers or via the headphones.

QuickSet technology provides you with a one-touch fast method to choose your favorite workouts and you can adjust the resistance with only a quick touch of the button.

The Benefits

The health benefits of this exercise equipment are numerous. Many people prefer the recumbent bike’s seated position rather than the height of an upright bike. This model is user-friendly for anyone seeking cardio exercise and weight loss goals. Anyone recovering from an injury can use this equipment as it adjusts to many fitness levels. Seniors may want to begin cardio training or maintain their fitness levels. You get all of the benefits from an upright exercise bike and so much more in this incredible package.

The Downfalls

The only downfall to this exercise bike is the size of it. It does have an easy rolling front wheel to move it aside when not in use, but is still quite large and doesn’t fold. It weighs in at 152 lbs, is 64 inches long, 23 inches wide and 50 inches tall.


This recumbent bike is a great addition to any home gym as it is built sturdily as professional gym bikes. It requires little maintenance and has all the bells and whistles you would expect from Diamondback. If you are looking for a great cardio workout or just want to lose some weight, do it in style with this recumbent bike.

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