Evenflo Tribute Car Seat Review

When you want to transport your little one in a safe, comfortable, and stylish manner, you can achieve all of that and more with the Evenflo Tribute Car Seat.

Soft cushions and a sturdy design, make this car seat one that any kid can enjoy riding in during short and longer trips. The five different colors that are available to choose from, makes this LX convertible car seat look great for both boys and girls.


While this car seat’s compact size already provides space-saving benefits, it also has the ability to seat different sized children.

The shoulder harness feature can be adjusted to fit comfortably on the specific child you place in the seat, and can be adjusted when one child get bigger.

You can also position the crotch buckle in a couple of different spots for better comfort.

The pad in this car seat can be simply thrown in your washing machine to keep it clean without needing to do it by hand.

Lightweight Seat

It could be a real workout having to transfer your kid’s car seat from one vehicle to another, and by taking from the car to the house. Weighing just 9.1 pounds, this Evenflo car seat makes this task that much easier.

You can also save a lot of travel space by being able to bring this seat by hand instead of using a separate carrier to bring it with you. It also takes away the need to buy a different seat for traveling, since it is light enough for big trips.

Safety is Always First Priority

Your baby has to be safe while traveling in their car seat and this seat gives you what you need. This seat was made to reach a level that is twice the federal car test safety requirements.

Rightfully, your attention has to be on the road when you are behind the wheel. You can drive that much more easily with your child in a car seat that is comfortable for them and keeps them safe.

Either Way you need to go

This car seat works for both infants and toddlers. It can be placed in a rear-facing position when you place an infant who weighs up to 30lbs. in it. You can also put your toddler in the seat and have it facing forward, if they weigh 22-40 lbs.

This is another way you can use this car seat without having to get a different unit, when your child gets a little bigger.

Easy is Always Good

Not too many people will complain about something being too easy, and this car seat helps you enjoy the ease-of-use. Once you press the button on the front buckle, the side straps automatically release so you don’t have to struggle with them, or use two hands.

A closeable cup holder it right on the side of this car seat and allows you to easily place drinks in your child’s reach, and can be closed easily when not in use.

Simple and Useful

Some car seats are designed with a lot of accessories that are often unnecessary and flimsy. This car seat gives you the size, weight, and safety that are all important when it comes to kids travel. It does what is supposed to do, and looks good while doing it.

This car seat is good for parents who will use it frequently, and it compact enough for those who will not. It is also a nice choice for smaller cars that have less backseat space to work with. You can also place two of these car seats in the same vehicle for multiple children to travel with.

The seat cover is easy to remove and can even by tossed in the dryer for a little while. The exterior plastic can be wiped clean in a short time, so you don’t have to deal with a big clean-up process.

My Verdict

You can do well with this Evenflo convertible car seat for all sorts of travel situations. Your kid may even enjoy their rides a little more with the comfort and compactness of this seat. While the safety and simplicity can be very appealing to parents, the cool look and fun design, can give your little ones something they can approve of as well.