Graco SnugRide Click Connect 35 Infant Car Seat Review

This is a light-weight car seat intended for infants weighing 4-35 pounds and measuring up to 32 inches. This car seat will help protect rear-facing infants while keeping them comfortable at the same time. These seats have bene rigorously crash tested to meet or exceed all the current safety standards.

Graco works hard to make sure that your child will not only be safe, with side-impact testing, testing for extreme car interior temperatures, and energy absorbing foam to maximize protection upon impact. These car seats are intended for rear installation for maximum safety of your infant.

The exclusive Click Connect technology makes it easy to move it from the car and attach it to any Graco Click Connect strollers. Your child will ride in ultimate comfort, with detachable cushions that make more space as your child grows. You will also enjoy the stylish design of this car seat, which is available in a variety of patterns and colors.

Easy to Maintain

Parts of this car seat are machine washable, making it easy to detach the high-quality seat cushion and canopy and clean them without having to hand wash. The remaining parts of the car seat are made from metal and plastic so they are easy to clean with mild soap and water. Harness straps stay in place for safety reasons but can be cleaned with a cloth. All of the buckles can be cleaned by placing them in a cup of water, agitating the buckle, and pressing the button several times while underwater. The buckle can air-dry and then be reattached to the harness once dry.


Weighing in at a lightweight at 7.5 pounds without the base, this is one of the lightest weight carseats on the market. Not only is it easy to transport your infant from the car to a Graco Click Connect stroller, but this model is so lightweight that you will have no problem carrying your child from the car to your destination, so you won’t have to wake your child by removing him or her from the car seat. It also features an ergonomic, comfortable handle that make carrying this car seat a breeze.

Click Connect Technology

Why buy multiple products when you can utilize one seat for the car and the stroller? The Click Connect technology makes it easy to move your car seat from the car to a Graco stroller. It is as easy as hearing a “click” to know that your child is safely and securely connected to either the car base unit or the stroller. Using both the car seat and the Graco stroller make an amazing combination of lightweight, stylish, and durability, and it will also save you money.

Hassle-Free Installation

The base of this car seat is designed to stay in the car, making it easy to install the seat quickly and efficiently while also reducing the carrying weight of the seat itself. An easy-to-read level indicator on the base will help you make sure that it is installed correctly, keeping your child safe. You can even purchase extra bases, allowing you to install the bases in multiple cars so you don’t have to choose which car you want to drive based on which one has the base installed.

Baby Rides in Comfort

This model is designed for infants weighing 4-35 pounds that measure up to 32 inches, which means that you don’t need to replace your car seat as your baby grows. It is designed with newborn head support, which not only provides safety support for newborn baby’s heads but also gives soft, comfortable cushioning so your baby can ride in ultimate comfort. As your child grows, these cushions are removable so your larger infant will still be comfortable. A sun protection canopy and a leg cover provide complete comfort for your child.

Ride in Style

A variety of colors are available to surround your child in style. Choose from gender-neutral colors like taupe or solid black, or choose from a variety of patterns for those looking for more splashes of color. There are car seat colors that are specifically designed for girls, such as pink and magenta, so your daughter can be surrounded by her favorite color.