Hair Dryer Buyer’s Guide

A hair dryer is great for when you want to groom your hair quickly and with little effort. With the onset of technology, so many fancy capabilities have been built into hair dryers. These help you add a professional touch to your hair without you ever  having to visit the salon. But I would advise caution when buying a hair dryer. Not all hair dryers and their accessories suit your particular hair type. So you might buy a device that does profound damage to your hair. It’s important to buy a dryer that exactly fits your needs. Here are some important essentials I believe you should be mindful of when buying a hair dryer.


Consider the issue of weight when choosing a dryer. Many professional hair stylists use extremely light weight dryers because they’re at it the whole day and don’t want to strain their arms. I suggest you follow their example. It’s important to keep your comfort level in mind. You need a dryer that’s light enough to use at length and that makes it easy for you to access, without much tiring, the hard to reach areas such as the back of the head. It must also have a good grip. If you do a lot of traveling, I’d suggest a dryer that’s not only light in weight but takes up minimal space in your luggage. There are many on the market that are specially designed for travel but be sure to get one you can fold down and pack away in a small space of your luggage. Test the weight of the hair dryer in your hand before buying.


From what I’ve observed, many hair dryers for home use have wattage of between 1200 and 1800. There’s enough heat to quickly dry the hair.  But I think it’s important to keep your hair type in mind when choosing a wattage. If your hair is thin, fine or short, or it’s been damaged by hair dye or straightening chemicals, you  would need to opt for a wattage lower down the scale such as 1200. I know it’s said that the greater the wattage, the greater the drying speed. But the higher wattage is not beneficial to your fine hair. It will cook it rather than simply dry it out. So it will ultimately cause more long term damage to your hair. It’s not worth the risk. If your hair is thick and coarse, you would want a dryer in the 1600 to 1800 wattage range. This high wattage dryer is a powerhouse in terms of heat generation and even though your hair dries quickly, it still retains some moisture to keep it healthy. But your hair has to be extremely thick  or it will get damaged.  If your hair has normal to moderate thickness, I would recommend a dryer somewhere in between the 1200  and 1800 wattage range. Always make sure that you have the correct wattage for your hair type.


Hair dryers like all other must-have appliances are now featuring the best available technology. There are three types of hair dryers I believe are worth checking out. They have some important similarities and are all designed to dry the hair quickly but keep it healthy and smooth.

Ionic Hair Dryer

I believe this hair dryer does a fine job of minimizing any potential heat damage. It works best when used with low heat but it’s still fast-acting because it breaks down water particles to enable the hair to dry faster. Other factors you might find interesting are that it retains some moisture in the hair so it looks healthy. It also defuses positive ions in the hair with the use of negative ions. These help make the hair silky smooth and to keep it in place.

Ceramic Hair Dryer

I would recommend this dryer if you want a device that has an even gentler heat action than the iconic dryer. The heating conductors within the ceramic produce a mild heat that defuses quickly and uniformly through the hair. The drying action is fast, but there’s no damage to the hair in the form of dryness and overheating, because of the mildness of the heat generated.

Tourmaline Hair Dryer

This dryer is worth considering because it gets rid of even more negative ions than the usual ionic hair dryers. This enables the hair to dry more quickly and uniformly. The drying action is further enhanced by the infrared heat technology within the dryer which reduces large drops to smaller quicker drying particles. This dryer also traps moisture in the hair so it remains shiny and healthy. Bear in mind that the less time your hair has to dry, the less exposed it is to heat damage.

Combination Dryer

If you want a truly great dryer, consider one that has ceramic, ionic, infrared, tourmaline and generator properties all in one. By the time your hair’s all done, it will be silky smooth, filled with moisture and frizz-free.


If you want your dryer to further boost the drying action or do more than dry the hair, here are interesting accessories I think you might want to acquire. Some of them are embedded in your dryer.


I think you’ll find the diffuser useful if you’ve got naturally curly hair. It lifts and separates hair strands to increase  the drying action but without damaging the curls or causing entanglement . That’s because it spreads the heat over a broader area. Your curls remain intact during the slow and gentle drying process and they even have more volume and bounce. So all in all, the diffuser will enhance your natural hair texture.

Straightening Pic

If you like to style your own hair, I would recommend the straightening pic. The heat is defused through the hair, piecemeal by piecemeal so that the straightening effect can be effective. Because of the piecemeal, deliberate, and delicate nature of the action, you might want to use a light weight dryer with a firm grip.

Concentrator Nozzle

This accessory focuses the heat in one spot at a time, and like the pic, is great for straight hairstyles. It directs the heat to wherever you want it to go.

Cool Shot

If you want to achieve a hair spray kind of effect, you might spare a thought for the cool shot. This accessory enables cold air to be emitted in blasts. This helps with the styling process and keeps the style intact. So it acts like a finishing touch to your hair style. The way it works is that you section your hair, style each section and then subject each completed area to a burst of the cold air to help set the style and lockit in.


If you want a measure of control over the hair drying process, I would advise a hair dryer that has temperature controls to regulate the heat. Simply having an on-/off  switch is not enough. You need a dryer that helps you change up the heat if it’s low and ineffective,  or change it down if it’s too high. This way you are in charge of the process and can make decisions based on your hair type.