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3 Incredibly Underrated Solutions To Help With ADHD

There has been such a storm of protest about the overuse of Ritalin and other meds to naturally treat ADHD, that we have lost sight of three incredibly underrated solutions to help with ADHD treatment.

Alan Sroufe, (psychology professor at the University of Minnesota’s Institute of Child Development) caused a furor when he claimed in Ritalin Gone Wrong that the meds are not effective at all in the long term. He stated that there was far too much reliance on medication solutions.

In the end, they are not giving the expected results as children and also adults strive to make progress in their behavior, school grades, jobs, and their relationships.  As we can imagine, there was a strong reaction with many parents and adults claiming that without their meds, they just could not have survived and it was the only help they had. They were not aware of any other solutions.

So, here are the underrated solutions which we should actively take on board in looking at what can help with this vexed question.

Is it Really ADHD?

There is so much overdiagnosis of this disorder that I can only wonder if it is a dastardly plot! But without getting hung up on conspiracy theories, let us look at the facts and then try to keep out of the jungle.

Yes, this disorder has lots of similar symptoms too much other childhood and indeed adult conditions and disorders. The first thing to do is to get these checked out before rushing to slap the ADHD label on your child. That is one of the worst solutions especially in the case of misdiagnosis. I am thinking here of eyesight, hearing, thyroid and learning problems.

They are just a few of the 50  conditions that are often mistaken for ADD. So, it is really worth your while getting a proper diagnosis and ruling out these possibilities. That will be a great help to your child and to you.

ADHD Friendly Home

I once watched a Youtube video of a mother with this condition trying to get her school kids out of the house on time. She was under incredible pressure and even had to shove something in the oven for their lunch pack.

This points up the fact that with some organization and planning, we can make an ADHD friendly home.  This is one of the best solutions of all because that type of routine and structure is really a great help to anyone who may have this.

If you know anything about this condition, the sensation that everything is happening at once and you just cannot focus on one little thing, then that is what goes on all day, every day. Imagine having a foolproof routine that works every single time and you know exactly what to do, almost on autopilot, then that is a wonderful help.

Natural ADHD Remedies

Again, the media and Big Pharma PR people are making sure that these solutions do not get much coverage. But there are alternative natural remedies. Why not give them a try? They could well work for your child or even yourself. There are no side effects at all so you never have to worry about insomnia, appetite or being zombied if you choose a homeopathic remedy.

Many people scoff at these solutions but they are effective in many cases and they could be a valid alternative. Luc Montagnier, the great Nobel prize winner for Medicine has stated that we should be much more open and tolerant about these cures.

So, there we have it. Three incredibly underrated solutions which could really help with the treatment and could even avoid you having to deal with it at all!