How a Sit and Stand Stroller Works

You’re on the go a lot and the stroller you currently have just isn’t cutting it, am I right? There’s a bit of an age gap between your youngsters, so you’ve been considering a sit and stand stroller, but you’re not really sure what they are all about. Don’t worry; you’re not the only one. As sit and stand strollers become trendier, the number of people looking into purchasing one has increased significantly.

Have no fear, we are going to give you the low-down on how these strollers work!

No One Left Behind

As the name suggests this stroller has an option for both your younger child and older child. The car seat can go in the front of the stroller and the there’s a spot for his/her older sibling in the back. We know that from the start your older child will want to be independent and most likely want to walk. With this stroller you can allow them to do this, knowing that when they get tired they can simply hop on and ride the rest of the way. They will be happy to have the choice of riding or walking and you will feel good about giving them the chance to choose.

Options are Best

Now, you may be thinking about your older child’s tiny little legs and wondering how on earth they are going to handle standing for your entire adventure. Luckily, the creators of this product thought about this too. On the back, your child can choose to stand or sit and if you’re worried about safety there’s no need, because most come equipped with a harness. You’ll enjoy some face-to-face time on your walk and they will appreciate getting to pick which way they want to ride.

Your Little One

You’ve had your current stroller for a while and you trust it, we get that. You may be concerned how the sit and stand works for the child riding in a car seat. Just like other strollers it can adapt as your children grow. Your infant can ride front or rear facing and most allow you to choose whether the car seat is in the front or back.

For You

If you are looking for top handle storage, cup holders and bottom stroller storage, then have no fear; these strollers come equipped with them too! You will also be pleasantly surprised at how much lighter these are than double strollers. (Of course, as they have removed one of the seats) They fold up and easily fit into your trunk, so when you’re ready to go, there’s no hassle or stress about how to take your new stroller along with you.

Sit and stand strollers have many of the same benefits as double, single and tandem strollers, but they go above and beyond for your family. You and your children have additional options when using these strollers. It will be a nice change to get to choose who walks and rides. Adding a little variety to your walk will help increase your children’s excitement to spend time outside and it will be more pleasant for you too!