How to Fold a Sit N Stand Stroller

The aspect that I love most about the Sit N Stand Stroller is that it easily folds up for storage. However, it’s subtle but you may have noticed a tad bit of a contradiction. What am I alluding to? The entire point of this piece is to instruct you on how to fold a Sit N Stand Stroller, but I just told you it’s easy to fold. So, what’s the point of me explaining something that is easy to do? Let’s just say that it’s advertised as being easy, but (depending on your experience with this kind of stuff) it can be a bit of a hassle (but I doubt it will be for you). With this in mind, let me take you through (step by step) how to properly fold up your Sit N Stand Stroller. For an added bonus, I will also explain how to unfold it.

First Step: Close the Canopy

Before you actually begin the folding process, you must close the canopy. I am going to warn you, the Sit N Stand Stroller will not fold up properly if the canopy is not closed. Luckily, closing it is fairly simple. All you have to do is grab ahold of the front edge of the canopy and pull it towards the rear of the stroller. Walla, you have closed the canopy! Just remember, don’t forget this step as you don’t want to damage your canopy by trying to fold the stroller with it open.

Second Step: Unbuckle the Safety Belt

This is actually the final step before you can actually fold the stroller. Look at the rear platform and jumping seat and make sure that the safety belt is unbuckled. If it’s already unbuckled, then you are ready to start folding.

Third Step: Fold It

Honestly, I think this is the only semi-challenging step to this process: the actual folding. First things first, you must slide the red fold latch safety button in the center of the handle. Then, while you are still doing that, squeeze the red handle and start pushing forward on it. You will start to notice it begin to fold, and once you notice this, you can release the red handle. To finish the fold, pull upwards on the child tray. It sounds a little complicated, but it’s really not too bad when you actually do it for yourself.

Final Step: Secure It

Now that you have officially folded the Sit N Stand Stroller, you must secure it so it doesn’t accidently unfold. On the right side of the stroller handle (over the extended rivet on the armrest) you will see a fold latch. To secure the stroller, simply latch it. A side note, as you may run into this problem, you may have to rotate the front wheels of the stroller to fully fold it.

To open the stroller back up (which is a simpler process) release the folding latch and lift up on the stroller handle (with both hands) until the frame is upright and locked.