HSI Professional Ceramic Flat Iron Review

If your hair is anything like mine, then humidity is NOT your friend. Frizzy hair can be hard to manage and tame. There are some hair straighteners out there that simply can’t do the job. Don’t worry; I’m here to help you find the one that can. There’s no need to use that old flat iron that requires you to redo sections of your hair again and again or to spend your valuable time straightening, just to walk outside and have frizzy hair again in 5 minutes. The Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic flat iron by HSI Professional will save you time and it won’t disappoint.

I’ve got long, thick, curly hair, but over time I have found these things easy to manage. What I generally have trouble reigning in is the frizz that came along with these things. The HSI professional flat iron has everything you need to battle your difficult hair, no matter what its type. Finally, a hair straightener that’s up to the job!

This ceramic flat iron has 1-inch plates that don’t rip out your hair when you’re doing it. Say goodbye to those days where a chunk of hair is randomly pulled out and your eyes water. You can confidently and safely put this flat iron through your hair. It heats up quickly and is equipped with a light that switches from red to green to allow you a safe way to confirm it’s hot and ready. For your convenience this product allows you to adjust the heat for your individual hair needs. Finally, there’s no need to go over that same strand of hair 4 times like many of us have done in the past. It also comes with a 360-degree swivel cord, so you can spend your time focused on your hair and not trying to safely maneuver your bathroom.

A feature of this product that’s generally overlooked is the 7-foot cord. No more struggling to be close to an outlet or hunching over while straightening your hair. At last, you can move around with ease and not stress about if your flat iron allows it or not.

This product comes with some cool accessories. You get a trial sample of Argan leave in oil, a travel case and a heat glove. Avid hair straighteners never travel without their flat iron and this travel case allows for easy storage and a safe trip. This is a great product to purchase if you plan to travel overseas. It comes with a circuit breaker so you can reset it and use it in Europe without any problems. It can operate on 110 to 240 VAC and 50/60 Hz. The oil helps protect your hair while the heat glove protects your hands.

My frizzy hair has been a battle for me my entire life. It always tangles in straighteners, frizzes up after an hour and takes ages to smooth out. This product gets the job done without all the pain. No more burning hair smell or burnt hands just to change your hairstyle. If you’re looking to upgrade or purchase your first flat iron, you can’t go wrong with the HSI Professional Ceramic Flat Iron.