Jogging Stroller Buyer’s Guide

I can only imagine, as I am a male and therefore have never been pregnant, that after pregnancy moms are looking to get a little exercise. If you are a new mom (or dad, for that matter) and fall under this category, then you may want to consider a jogging stroller. The benefit is simple (and is in the name): you can go for a jog while strolling your toddler. If this is a product that intrigues you, then there are certain factors that you need to keep in mind when searching.

The Suspension

You know the phrase: a happy wife is a happy life? I have a new one for you: a happy child is a happy life. OK, so I couldn’t think of a good word that rhymed with child, but I digress. My point is you want your child happy and the best way to do that with a stroller is to ensure they are comfortable for the ride. This is why you must pay attention to suspension as models with above-average suspension will provide smooth rolling over bumpy terrain. If you elect to go for some of the cheaper models, they may not have individual shocks. However, if you only plan to go for light jogs this may not be that big of an issue.

The Front Wheel

It seems pretty random for me to point out the front wheel when talking about jogging strollers’ most important features. Trust me, though, it’s a bigger deal than you might think. You will find two different variations of the front wheel: permanently fixed or fixed/swivel. Either way, when you are jogging you want the front wheel locked in place (no matter what). However, if you invest in a model that allows you to swivel it as well it becomes easier to maneuver around tight corners when walking. The benefit to getting models that keep the front wheel locked in place, though, is many of them offer a handbrake (while very few of the swivel wheel models do).

The Handlebar

The one feature that I think stands above the rest is an adjustable handlebar. If you are married to an induvial that is taller/shorter than you (by a decent amount), then you could run into an issue if you both wanted to use the stroller. If you get one that doesn’t feature an adjustable handlebar it can become uncomfortable extremely quickly. Thankfully, many jogging strollers do have this. If they don’t, though, I would advise staying away from them.

Additional Features

Lastly, I want to mention about some of the extra features that come with certain jogging strollers. This can range from child trays, snack trays, built-in speakers, cup holders and car seat adapters. Are these additional features deal breakers? To be honest, only you can answer this question. It truly depends on how much you think you will need this kind of stuff. You probably won’t care if it has built-in speakers, but a snack tray for your child or cup holders for you could sway your decision.

I have faith that if you keep these four factors in mind, you will find the right jogging stroller for you.