Joovy Big Caboose Graphite Triple Stroller Review

Finding a stroller to use for one child is not much of a problem. It gets a little tougher to find one that accommodates two children, but still not too bad. However, when you have three children you need to stroll around it can be a little difficult to find a great stroller. I take great pleasure in assuring you that after I lay out the details of the Joovy Big Caboose Graphite Stand-On Triple Stroller, your search (if you are looking for a stroller for three of your children) may soon be over.

The Design is Fantastic

I absolutely love how durable and well-thought out Joovy designed their triple stroller. All of the wheels’ feature sealed bearings which make pushing and steering the Big Caboose significantly easier. It also has all-wheel suspension which provides an incredibly smooth ride and, once again, makes it easier to maneuver. The exterior and interior are not too bad, either. It has a very sleek, black design with a deluxe rip stop nylon fabric. It’s both fashionable and efficient. Is there really anything more that you could ask for?

The Versatile Seating

All of your children will find a comfortable ride on this stroller, I can assure you of that. Included with the Big Caboose are two full-size seats and two universal car seat adapters. Both of the front seats can be reclined between two positions and have an adjustable footrest. While the rear seat (and standing platform) actually allows your third child to either sit, stand or walk along the ride. Also, for an added bonus, if all three of your children are around the same age you can actually invest in the Joovy Caboose rear seat accessory to transform the stroller’s rear seat into a reclining seat.

Very Large Capacity

As you probably already guessed, the Big Caboose Graphite can hold a great deal of mass. I am not talking about multiple hundreds of pounds (which is not necessary as this is for young children), but enough mass to accommodate nearly all children. The two front seats can hold children six months or older of up to 40 pounds. On the other side, the rear seat and standing platform can hold children 2.5 years or older of up to 45 pounds. Fully maxed out, this stroller can hold 125 pounds.

Removable Canopies and Decent Storage

I am not going to lie to you, this stroller can be kind of a pain to put in storage. It does fold up, but the size when it does is 14 x 21.5 x 63 inches. I am warning you right now, you will need a large vehicle to transport this beast. However, if you have three children then I imagine you have a large vehicle anyway. One aspect that does help, though, is that the two large canopies can be removed. This is a convenient feature anyway because if you are using this indoors, the canopies are not necessary and can be removed to save room.

Very Safe to Use

When you are designing a product that is used to transport children, the first aspect you should be worried about is the safety. You have to construct it to be risk-free (not accounting for user error) and Joovy accomplished this with their Big Caboose Graphite stroller. Every single seat has a harness belt (the rear seat being a three-point harness). Trust me, you will be in a greater piece of mind knowing that your children are perfectly safe. The only aspect you need to worry about is if you make a mistake while strolling.

A Few Minor Downsides

I always look forward to this part. I take great pleasure in warning you about potential issues that you could run into when using a product. Maybe it’s because sometimes pointing out the negatives of something is more enjoyable than pointing out the positives. With this in mind, I actually only have a few complaints. For one, the stroller can be a major pain to turn. I have already alluded to the fact that, when full, there can be 125 pounds of mass to haul around. With this much mass, even with the all-wheel suspension, it can be difficult to push. The other complaint is the amount of room it takes up when stored.

Final Thoughts

Look, if you have three small children then I really think you should invest in this. It’s combination of its safety, seating options, seating capacity, and sleek and durable design make it a must-have. However, if you don’t have three children then this is not necessary. You can find several double strollers that will more than suffice. The only major aspect the Big Caboose Graphite has over double strollers is that it can seat one more child. For three children, this is the way to go.