Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller Review

Joovy Scooter X2 Double StrollerThe world of strollers can be a crazy one to navigate- with the wide variety of options, including singles, doubles, jogging strollers, stand-up models, plus the dizzying array of storage possibilities, cup holders, snack trays, safety features, and comfort choices, you could find yourself tearing your hair out!

Start with your own needs first. Do you have two small children in the house? Twins? A precious baby on the way? Will you be heading to the park, strolling through the city, or taking a quick trip to the store?

Whether you are a happy expectant couple or have two kiddos already who need some serious transportation, the Joovy Scooter X2 is a stroller to keep on your radar. Here’s a quick review of the benefits and features of the Scooter X2 to help you sort things out:


The fashionable graphite gray frame of the Joovy Scooter X2 will turn heads, and this stylish setup comes in 5 fancy colors: Blueberry, Red, Greenie, Orangie, and Black. You’ll also find that the 30” width of this stroller means you won’t feel like you’re wrestling a ferret when you try to push your kids through a standard size doorway! We all want ease of use along with a great look when we venture out the door with our kids, and this stroller delivers on both.


There isn’t enough room to show off all the fantastic features of the Scooter X2, but we’ll make an attempt here. First, your two cherubs can easily fit in this side-by-side carriage, which holds up to 90 lbs. of kid weight. They’ll ride in comfort as each seat reclines independently, and the footrests will adjust for each child as well. Both seats have 5-point harnesses and mesh pockets on each side.

The large canopy of the Scooter X2 outshines most other double strollers in stores today. And if you’ve been hard pressed to find much storage in a double, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the size of the basket on this number! Coolers, toys, snacks, books, jackets- most everything you’ll need on an outing can be fit into this ample storage area.

The Joovy Scooter X2 also comes with a removable bumper bar, two cup holders for Mom, Dad, or the sitter, and two zippered pockets for even more stuff.

Safety First

Despite its size, you can easily fold the Scooter X2 with one hand. Simply recline the seats, secure the parking brake, twist the handle and fold down. The sides lock with a metal clip. If you remove the bumper bar first, the stroller will fold in even more tightly. And at 39 lbs., the folded, compact final product will easily lift and fit into most mid-size car trunks.

The large wheels- double 7-inch in the front, single 9.5-inch in the back- with sealed bearings mean a safe and smooth ride for your little ones, and the linked parking brakes mean the rig won’t go flying into danger when you’re not looking.

All Joovy strollers are certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA), so you know your kids will be protected because the Scooter X2 has been inspected and tested by the best.

There is no car seat adapter for the Joovy Scooter X2, so you’ll have to wait until your infant is at least 3 months old to take him or her out in this stroller. In addition, it’s wise not to let a third child stand on the back side of the stroller; however, we’ve heard of some people attaching a standing platform to the lower bar at the back just for this purpose.

The Final Word

As you browse through your options for a double stroller, we know you’ll want to consider the Joovy Scooter X2. It’s a unique find and really the best of two worlds, with the maneuverability of a lightweight umbrella stroller and the space, storage, and sturdiness of an all-terrain stroller. This unique side-by-side stroller will provide your children with a smooth, safe, and satisfying ride on your next excursion to the park, around the city, or wherever you want to roam.