What to Look For in a Baby Movement Monitor

What to Look For in a Baby Movement Monitor

A baby movement monitor is a great way to make sure your child is having a good nights sleep. With a plethora of options to aid in the care of your infant, buying one can be a bit nerve-wracking.

The basic description of a movement monitor is a sensor that detects whether the child has moved for a specific amount of time, then produces a warning sound, letting you know that you may want to check on the child. The sensors primarily check for the movements produced through breathing. Though each specific brand has its own settings, all monitors have the same use.

Why use a Movement Monitor?

A monitor is a great way for parents to make sure that their child is fine while sleeping. The peace of mind that comes from these devices, can help reduce the stress of a first-time parent, or even a seasoned pro for that matter. Though some pediatricians will recommend the use of one for certain cases, it is still a valid addition to any nursery.

The monitor will not guaranty a safe night, though it is a great alarm system to have, especially for the more nervous parents. Through the use of a movement monitor, a parent can reduce the number of nightly visits you will take, into the child’s room.

What to Look for

The best indicator of a good monitor is how they are presented, and what you feel comfortable with. Do they have a cord, or use batteries? Are they a pad, or do they clip on? These are all questions you will have to ask while picking out your monitor. The pad options are usually a corded design, which may seem like a safety hazard though they are designed to go under the sheet, and can be easily hidden.

The clip-on style, clips onto the diaper, though relies on batteries. Another thing to look for is how easy it is to use. Some of the simpler looking designs may turn out to be far more difficult to use, than its more intimidating looking counterparts. Though affordability is always something to keep in mind, sometimes the extra bells, and whistles are too good to pass up.

Additional Features

While researching this product, I found the many different options a bit daunting. The number one additional feature that I came across, was a gentle vibration. The vibration option will kick on after a certain amount of time without movement, as an attempt to stir the child, and is used before the alarm sounds. Another common option is volume control.

This is always a nice option to have if you know you will not be far from your child. A temperate sensor is another great feature, which will tell you if the child’s room is too hot or too cold. Other options include a wireless unit for the parents to use, a “ticking” sound to indicate that it is working, and portability.