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Marcy Upright Mag Bike Review

The Marcy upright mag bike is a training bike suitable for fitness enthusiasts of any level. Whether it be a beginner or someone more advanced looking to invest in an affordable exercise bike. Exercise bikes are an effective way to lose weight, build muscle, and to simply keep healthy.

This machine is compact and lightweight which makes it ideal for home use. You can place it in your living room so you can burn those extra few pounds while watching your favorite TV show.  Even though the bike may lack some of the profound features more expensive exercise bikes possess, this Marcy machine still has the potential to provide for an effective workout. The bike has many unique features that make it easy to operate.

Some of these features include;

Variable Magnetic Resistance (VMR)

The levels of resistance on the bike can be alternated by turning the knob located under the display panel. The resistance dial has a total of 8 different levels of resistance, 1 being the lowest and 8 being the highest, so whatever your fitness capabilities are it can be adjusted to meet your needs. This magnetic feature also provides for a smoother workout with less noise

Marcy Upright Mag Bike ReviewLarge Display Panel

The large and easy to read display panel has many functions. It shows your speed, distance and time, along with the number of calories you burn. Each of these functions is important and must be monitored when tracking progress.

Adjustable Seat Height

This adjustable seat is a key feature of the bike as it makes this Marcy machine suitable for users of any height. Even though the bike is targeted to female users, there is no reason a male should avoid it.

Counterbalanced Foot Pedals

These foot pedals allow for different types of workouts. The counterbalanced feature allows for forward and reverse-motion pedaling, which allows the user to target different muscle groups. Forward motion helps target the quadriceps and reverse targets hamstrings.

Adjustable Handlebars

These handlebars provide for a more comfortable workout as they are foam padded, and they can also be adjusted.


The built-in transport wheels on the bike make it easy to move it.


Although this machine is reasonably priced and has the wherewithal to provide for an effective workout, there are a few downfalls associated with the bike. If you are an athlete competing at the highest level, looking to have a workout that will challenge your body both mentally and physically, this bike does not fit the bill.

A bike of a higher caliber would be required for this type of workout. Another downside associated with this machine is that the seat is quite uncomfortable. If you are looking to cycle for more than 10 minutes you may need to add some extra cushion to avoid any unnecessary pain.


All-in-all this machine is quite the bargain for its selling price. Given the bike is compact and light, has a generous user weight limit (300lbs), provides for a smooth and quiet workout experience and is easy to assemble while taking up minimal space, the pros of the bike clearly outweigh the cons. If you’re looking to take the first step to change your life and become healthier and fitter ‘You’ then purchasing this bike would be a great place to start.
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