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Natural Way to Remove Bile and Liver Stones

There is a way to eliminate gallstones without surgery! This is important information, as twenty percent of the entire world will develop gallstones at some time in their lives. Surprisingly, many of these people have hundreds of stones and gravel within the liver and bladder.

The percentage does not take into account people who have stones and don’t report the issue, only people in pain or discomfort who do.

Many naturopathic doctors believe that everyone has gallstones.

As it stands, removal of the gallbladder is a very common surgery, often preceded by years of abdominal pain and indigestion.

Gallbladder removal is called a cholecystectomy. It will offer permanent relief from gallstones or other gallbladder problems. However, living without a gallbladder may present challenges that a surgical candidate did not anticipate.

For instance, without a gallbladder, bile cannot be stored. Therefore, the bile continually ends up in the intestine, which is not designed to store it. This means that food will not digest as well; creating new discomfort that cannot be solved with surgery. Continual medication may be offered at this point.

Let’s try another route. You can eradicate the stones and keep your gallbladder! The procedure involves active participation on your part and a process of several days.

The first ingredient is apple juice

The apple juice can be packaged or fresh because the pectin is the key ingredient. The high pectin levels in apple juice will soften the stones so that they will proceed without pain through the bile ducts.

Drink 2 glasses (eight ounces) of apple juice daily for 14 days. On the 14th day, the cleansing can begin.

On the day of the cleanse:

Take no medications or vitamins unless essential to health.
Eat a breakfast containing no fat. This could be cooked cereal or baked sweet potato. Remember that dairy products contain fat.
Do not eat or drink after 2 p.m.

At 6 p.m.

Drink one 3/4 cup of very cold Epsom salts. Mix one tablespoon of Epsom salts into a very cold 3/4 cup of water. This endeavor is likely to present a taste challenge, so 1/8 teaspoon of vitamin C powder could save the day.

At 8 p.m.

Repeat the Epsom salt taste challenge above.

At 9:45 p.m.

Pour 1/2 cup of olive oil into a cup and squeeze 1/2 cup of orange or grapefruit juice into that. Go to the bathroom, as the next step is lying down for a time.

Stir the mixture up very well and challenge yourself to drink it all. Stand up, don’t sit or lie. Add some honey if you can’t stand it and consume within 5 minutes. Remember, it beats a surgical alternative!

Lie down on your right side

This is the tipping point, so the sooner you lie down, the better. Try to lie completely still for 20 minutes. You may feel stones slipping smoothly through the bile ducts. It will be painless because the bile ducts are open thanks to the Epsom salts challenge.
Get some sleep.

Wake up and after 6 a.m

Consume more Epsom salts, same dosage. You needn’t rise. Within two hours, drink your fourth and final shot of Epsom salts, 3/4 cup.

After two more hours, eat some food

Fruit juice makes a good starter. Keep your consumption light; salads, steamed vegetables, juices. At this time you may feel a bit unwell, as presenting stones and gravel may cause some inflammation.

In the morning, prepare for diarrhea

If you can face consequences, inspect the waste. Gallstones will present as green lumps, breaking and dissolving easily due to the pectin in all that apple juice you drank. These will mostly be composed of cholesterol. This interesting phenomenon indicates that the cleanse is working!

Now the gallbladder is empty

But where do gallstones originate? In the liver. So prepare for another round of stones.

According to Dr. George J. Georgiou, “This is why it is sometimes necessary to do up to 6 cleanses (perhaps one each month) in order to get rid of all the stones. If a cleanse produces no more stones, your liver can be considered to be in excellent condition!”

In Conclusion

Gallbladder difficulties don’t always present as digestive discomfort. Back pain, shoulder pain, cramps, jaundice, weight gain; all may be due to gallstones. Your gallbladder is a very uninteresting organ unless something blocks its ducts. Then it becomes a major contender for a pain prize.

The liver is one of the most important organs in your body. It controls over 400 functions. Full-body detoxification is one of its most essential purposes! Any process that cleanses the liver and gallbladder will restore vitality and allow the body to heal itself.