Nautilus U616 Upright Exercise Bike Review

I have used a variety of exercise bikes in the past and many have not been able to match up to what the Nautilus u616 has to offer. I’ve been on the hunt for a bike which works to my work out routine, whilst at home or at work. Now the bike itself has a number of key functionalities which I will list below:


With a lot of bikes that I’ve tried out in the past, the main problem I’ve come across is the peddles are very uncomfortable or they wear out quickly. With the Nautilus u616, I rarely came across the problem. It does take a while for you to break into them, however, once you have done so the peddling can be an easy and pleasant experience.

The best thing about the peddles, is the fact that they are super quiet! I live in a household of 4 people who all work various hours of the day and it is a blessing to be able to work out whilst at home, without the roaring sounds of the peddles or the belt. Once you start using it you will soon realize what I mean.


I haven’t come across many bikes that have speakers built into the actual machine itself, usually when I’ve used an exercise bike I’ve just plugged my headphones into the phone, shoved it into my pocket and rode away with my phone occasionally falling out.

With the Nautilus u616, they provide a wire which you plug into the device with a little stand which you can prop your phone onto if you needed to. Now the speakers themselves are pretty loud, which is appreciated especially when you need that extra motivation to push yourself.


Over an extended period of use of lets say 30 minutes the comfort level doesn’t deteriorate, the user will have to get accustomed to the bike, however, once you have found your grove everything should be fine.


Assembling the bike on my own didn’t prove to be a challenge; however, an extra pair of hands would have been appreciated.

As per usual, it does come with instructions so it isn’t a guessing game what the correct way to assemble the nautilus u616 is.

Additional features

There are a few additional features which enhance the overall experience of the bike.

The handle-bars for instance as easily adjustable for people of various heights. Myself being tall, I have it in a more upright position

The Nautilus u616 has 29 programs, 25 levels of resistances, 4 user profiles and more, therefore, is a ton of features which is easy on each user.

The heart rate monitor is a nice touch; however, I am not too sure of its accuracy.


The seat may be a problem for a few people and it was for me at times especially when it was used for 30+ minutes.

Another feature which is missing which would be much appreciated is the ability for the bike to connect to your mobile device via Bluetooth. It isn’t a big issue but it would have been good.


Overall I would say that in comparison to similar bikes in the market the Nautilus u616 is in the elite top tier. With its premium feel, customizable options when working out, and ride-ability it will stay at the top for a long time. If you are looking for an exercise bike which works for you, at home or in the office then I would look no further than the Nautilus u616 as it is work every minute of use!

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