Nordictrack Recumbent Bike Series Review

Getting a low-impact workout on a consistent basis is what the medical community advises. Though not many people are able to find a way to fit regular exercise into their daily routine. There is so much workout equipment available that finding the right one can be a real struggle.

One great option is the NordicTrack recumbent bike. Built by one of the world’s most recognizable home gym brands, this reclining bike allows you to add a little variety to your workout routine.

Working Out in Your Home Gym Just Got More Fun

Nordictrack Recumbent Bike Series ReviewThis NordicTrack bike features a wide, comfortably padded seat with a backrest. You can adjust the seat, and position the backrest to your ideal level of support. Installed alongside the seat and touchscreen display are hand rests for added stabilization during your workouts.

Its touchscreen display enables you to make key adjustments to your workouts. This exercise bike is compatible with iFit, so custom courses can be created and traversed as your workout for maximum enjoyment.

The touchscreen display also allows you to keep track of your statistics, such as your heart rate and average calories burned while you work up a sweat. One of the

The bike’s standout features are its built-in cooling fan that keeps you comfortable with a steady breeze. The exercise bike’s foot pedals are perfectly aligned with your hips, so that you can keep pedaling in a fluid motion while your arms are free to reach for your water bottle or change the settings on your workout.

Key Benefits

Get a complete low-impact, cardiovascular workout that will work your lower body without putting any strain on your back, knees or hips with this exercise bike. Users can pick or change their workout plans as they progress with the easily programmable touchscreen, or right from their mobile phones. Past workout data can be downloaded onto a storage disc, then analyzed on a PC. This bike isn’t just for casual and quaint workouts; even seasoned athletes will feel the burn as they challenge themselves with more than 20 different resistance levels.

The Nordicktrack recumbent bike comes with a limited year warranty on parts, but the frame of the bike is covered for its entire lifetime. The bike is heavy enough to keep you centered while you work out but light enough to be moved around without needing to hire professional movers. If you’ve been looking for a piece of home gym equipment that will give you all the tools you need to stay fit while having a little fun, this indoor exercise back has it all.

Drawbacks and Cautions

While NordicTrack bikes provide users with a dependable way to workout at home in comfort, you might find that you may have to supplement your workouts with a dedicated upper body workout routine. The dual hand rests are great for changing the position of your arms, but this feature doesn’t offer much in the way of strength training. Since you can only recline on this exercise bike, not all back pain sufferers will be able to work out on it for long durations. There are few drawbacks, but it is important that you notate this exercise bike’s limitations so that you can make an informed decision.

Last words

Many home gyms will allow you to work your muscles to the point of exhaustion, but few enable you to do so if you have mobility issues or are restricted to low-impact exercises alone. Find out how you can learn how to thoroughly enjoy working out again and you will naturally want to exercise on a regular basis. Get the perfect Nordicktrack to add to your personal home gym today.
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