The Proform 5.0 ES Upright Bike Review

If you are looking for the best exercise bike that’s low-cost and fun, then look no further, the Proform 5.0 es has some fun features that you won’t find on any other model. You won’t be disappointed to see that this bike is worth the grab.

This state of the art exercise bike comes with an upright frame, which has around 17 Digital Resistance Levels. Furthermore, you get an extremely delicate, comfy, significantly embellished seat. To even sweeten the deal, they are not just the standard adjustable seats, but they are the kind that adjusts up and sideways.

If you are into fancy features, you’ll enjoy that it has a 13lb flywheel and encouraging qualities such as an iPod/MP3 player port that has an outstanding sound system. Let’s not forget that it is the perfect sturdy size as well.

Upright bodybuilding bikes are more like old-style outside bikes where you can sit in a position that is comfortable and more upright. While doing so, you’ll be able to work out the same muscles which aid in keeping you in shape for out-of-door bike riding during the right season.

The Good

The Proform 5.0 es upright is not your average exercise bike. What makes it different from an outdoor bike is that the seat on an outdoor bike is painful. Outdoor bikes are not the smoothest, but if you want a bump-free ride, the Upright is the one for the job. You also get a completely smooth outing since you are not out on the road, you get a journey that is entirely flat.

Proform 5.0 ES Upright BikeThe bike has 25 Resistance Levels that you will enjoy.  This bike offers a fantastic range of levels of resistance to physical therapy, making sure the muscles are toned and in shape, and accelerating up the metabolism at some time. Also, changes are made numerically with console switches.

The greatest thing about the Proform 5.0 es Upright is that it has a 32 built-In workouts. You will be able to enjoy the control of a personal trainer that is licensed! The 32 programs are fun and relaxing because they make the exercise session feel like it is a real workout. You do not have to worry about being bored because a person can pick from various programs. Most which are positioned on burning calories, resilience and performance that is speedy.

The pedals are more than enough. They are extra-wide, and they let you change the position of your feet throughout exercises. This will be a plus for you because it helps you endure for much longer during the workouts. Straps are also built-in for other constancy too.

The not so Good

The bike has an 18-pound flywheel that is too light.  The Heavier wheels offer rides that smoother and can support more robust exercises.

At the end of the day, the grouping of a new low cost, a computer holder that holds a first tablet, possibly never-ending programs, and heart rate monitoring that are wireless makes this bike very attractive.


If you are a person that is interested in low-intensity exercise, then it’s a right choice for you, and in fact, you will be able to deliver more than enough of workouts before it starts acting up. Nonetheless, some that are looking for some intense training might find that it might not be as powerful as it looks.

At the end of the day, the pros totally outweigh the good. So, if you are interested in a bike that will take you on an exercise adventure, then the upright is for you.

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