Real Plans Meal Plans – Life Just Got Easier

You know what it’s like planning meals and you shudder at the thought of doing it for a whole week. Why? Because there are so many variables to take into account. With Real Plans meal plans you can solve all that with just one app as I will show you in this post.

Real Plans Meal Plans

Let us take a few scenarios that happen to us all the time as we have to think about what we are going to eat. That has got to include healthy food and we cannot go on relying on processed food, takeaways or other junk. It is just no way to look after ourselves.

Ideally, you want to have a whole list of recipes at your fingerprints on your smartphone and also one which will prepare you a shopping list with no fuss.  But actually putting healthy meal planning ideas into practice is at times very difficult. Just look at what we have to think about:-

  • Your kids have allergies
  • Your daughter is a fierce vegan
  • You have to watch your weight
  • You are running out of ideas for healthy school lunches ideas for your kids.
  • You do not want to have to opt for a Paleo diet or other dietary program – you want to be flexible. You want access to loads and loads of diets, and thousands of recipes
  • You want to change your mind at the last moment and opt to prepare five meals a week, rather than eight.
  • You all have likes and dislikes. Your kids may be picky eaters.
  • You have limited time for actual meal prepping and that should not be a burden every single time.
  • You need nutrition information for each recipe because of health problems and so on.
  • You need info on when you should take food out of the freezer or how long you might have to marinate some of the ingredients.

Watch the video here to get an idea of just how awesome the Real Plans meal plans are. You will certainly be impressed.

Real Plans Meal Plans Review

I certainly wanted to try it out because there were visitors looming on the horizon. One is lactose intolerant and so the dairy-free list of recipes was a real attraction. Then another guest has a daughter who is fiercely vegan and I would certainly have to cater to her. Then there are always people who have certain food intolerances or just don’t like certain foods. You have to cater to a multitude of tastes and that can seem an impossible task.

What I loved about Real Plans meal plans when I tried it.

  1. The fact that it has an option to choose US or Metric measurements meant that I would be a fan for life. Those American cups drive me mad and then I have to start converting everything. How on earth can you know the size of an American cup when you live across the pond in Europe? Then there are the oven temps so you have to have a conversion table on your desktop. The fact that Real Plans took this initiative to build a bridge across the Atlantic gets them loads of kudos in my view.
  2. I have lots of favorite recipes in books, folders (online and a range of cookery books that would make anyone proud). The reality is that apart from certain bragging rights, keeping everything in one place (even in online folders on my PC) is always liable to fail at some point. Oh yes, did I actually save that recipe for smoked salmon mini quiches online?  Or is it in my favorite starters cookbook?  Planning meals that way was so time-consuming. Not with Real Plans meal plans though because everything you need is there on your app or desktop.
  3. I also loved the import a recipe feature. Just go to your favorite recipe site. On the Real Plans, there is an import button. Just pop in the URL for that recipe. It copies the ingredients and how to prepare instructions into your plan. It usually works for most major sites but if there is a problem you just copy and paste those in.

You can also choose one of the images that go with the recipe. You can also input prep time and any other notes that you might have from using this recipe on a regular basis. You can then add this to your schedule and it’s all done – forever!  You can easily find it again because it will be listed in the recipe drop down box heading “Imported by You” It is all there and no more hunting it down in the recipes folder on your computer.

  1. I was also impressed by the fact that if I changed my mind at the last minute, my shopping list was immediately changed so there were no worries there.
  2. I liked the way the list of ingredients took into account the staples I had in my kitchen and so they usually do not go on the list. Also, the list puts the ingredients into the correct sections of most supermarkets so that frozen foods are never mixed up with fresh fruit and veg and so on.
  3. Not having to make a list with good old fashioned pen and paper was also a boon. I frequently mislaid mine so having it on my smartphone app was a godsend and I can tick them off as I go through the store.
  4. The fact that you can email the list to your partner when s/he has to do the shopping is also a great advantage.
  5. Lots of support as well from the Real Plans team plus their super helpful private Facebook group where people talk about how they are using Real Plans meal plans and how it has quite frankly made their lives a whole lot easier.

Some Final Words

Just think of being able to enjoy cooking a lot more and get your kids involved as well, where possible. The fact that Real Plans meal plans have over 1,500 recipes in its database is truly impressive. The convenience of being able to filter the type of recipe you want by adding in cost factors, seasonal produce, or even length of cooking time is another bonus.

I also liked the way that you can rate the recipes so that will fine-tune your search the next time around. Making time to prepare food is so important in any relationship. The advantages to our health and well being are uncountable.