Rowing Machines and Exercise Bikes Muscle Workouts

There are no doubts that exercising regularly keeps you healthy and have the potential to prolong your life. There are many different ways to keep fit and stay in shape. Some people prefer to do light exercises such as going for a walk while others prefer to engage themselves in a medium to high-intensity workout activities such as jogging or weight lifting.

For this Article

We will focus on something that’s in between, something that combines light exercise and medium intensity workout.

If you’re looking at cutting away excess fats and slimming down your physique, you should focus on light to medium intensity workouts at approximately 1 hour per session. Ideally, these exercises should be done three times a week for the most optimum results. To tone down your body there are a few exercises available that’s highly effective. Let’s look at two different machines that will help you achieve a body that you can be proud of.

The first machine that we will talk about is the exercise bike. There are many scientific documented proofs that suggest riding a bike is good for your cardiovascular health. Not only it is good for your cardiovascular health, but it also helps tone muscles in several different areas of your body.

A Consistent Routine is Recommended

So in order for you to achieve your dream body, it is recommended that you commit yourself to three hours of bike riding every week. This routine can be divided between a few days, either 3 times a week at 1 hour each interval or 4 times a week at 45 minutes each interval.

The second machine that we will talk about is the rowing machine. A rowing machine can be incorporated into your gym routine as a medium intensity level workout. If you’re just getting into the routine of working out, it won’t tire you out as quickly as a full intensity level of workout such as weight lifting or sprinting.

Just as the exercise bike, it helps promote good cardiovascular health, improve your lung capacity and breathing, and also helps you tone down fats and build muscles. It is recommended that you commit yourself to a consistent routine to start seeing results.

As rowing is a bit more intense than biking, a mere two hours a week will slowly help you tone down your body and build up your muscles. This can be split into 40 minutes per session at three times a week or 30 minutes per session at four times a week.

Let’s Look at the Muscles to Work Out

The exercise helps work out your:

  • Upper legs such as your thighs and buttocks
  • The lower legs such as your calf muscles
  • The core muscles such as your abs and torso
  • The upper body such as your shoulders and upper back

The rowing machine helps work out your:

  • Leg muscles such as your quadriceps, hamstrings and gluteus maximus
  • Midsection muscles such as your rectus abdominis, transverse abdominis, obliques and erector spinae
  • Upper back muscles such as your latissimus dorsi, upper trapezius, and rhomboids,
  • Your arm muscles
  • Your hip muscles

In Conclusion

To get quicker results, you could also alternate between the two machines. For example, one week you can ride the bike two times a week and the rowing machine once a week. Switch it up the other way around for the next week and alternate between those schedules every other week.